The Circle 2021 recap - Vithun is blocked, Andy has questions and 'Ballsy Bingo'

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The Circle continued tonight on Channel 4 fresh from another blocking.

At the end of last night's episode Vithun was blocked by Felix (Natalya) and Manrika after the pair were voted as influencers in the latest ratings.


In this evening's episode, Vithun got the chance to meet another player face to face and left a message for The Circle.

Vithun chose to meet Andy with the pair hugging in a tearful embrace after finding out each other were just as who they had said they were.

"I didn't feel like you were going to be real," admitted Vithun.

Later Andy and Manrika had an exchange of words about Vithun’s departure. Manrika wanted Andy to understand why she did what she did.

Following the fallout from the blocking, The Circle gave the players a game of Ballsy Bingo, with Dorothy (Scott) taking up role of bingo caller.


The Circle gave the two players, selected by Dorothy (Scott) at random, a question to which both players had to give a matching answer. Questions included 'Most honest player' and 'The biggest gossip'.

When Syed (Hashu) and Andy were asked to name The Circle’s most strategic player, Andy thought Syed would pick one of the newbies, while Syed (Hashu) thought Andy would choose one of the longer-standing players.

Andy named Femi (Joey) while Syed (Hashu) named Manrika – which both named players were less than impressed to see.

Afterwards, Uncle Syed (Hashu) had a chat with Manrika to give her guidance.

Syed (Hashu) thought aloud: “I do wanna come in with the realness and warn her, because I do feel like people are starting to see Manrika as a threat”.


He offered her kind words, which brought Manrika to tears and helped her to reflect on the reasons why she is determined to win.

The Circle continues continues Sunday to Fridays at 10PM on Channel 4 and All 4.

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