The Masked Singer secrets revealed ahead of grand final

How it all works behind the scenes

The Masked Singer: Ep2 on ITV

The secrets of The Masked Singer have been revealed ahead of the grand final this weekend.

The brand new entertainment show sees stars disguise themselves in characters costumes while performing pop songs to the nation.


Judges and viewers alike have been speculating about who exactly is behind each mask in television's biggest guessing game.

With the show's surprise element coming from the big reveals, producers go to extreme lengths to make sure not even the slightest details about the contestants leak.

Panellist Davina McCall described the show's security as "insane", with only a select few crew members permitted to even communicate with the celebs.

The Masked Singer: Ep8 on ITV
Queen bee

"The celebrities and the judges and presenters were always kept apart in two completely different areas," she explained. "I once saw somebody, and they still had a full on helmet on their head and a sign on their T- shirt saying 'don’t talk to me'.

"Very few people in the whole crew, out of all the cameramen and floor managers, knew their true identity."


Meanwhile, Jonathan Ross told how the competitors can't leave their dressing rooms unless they're incognito.

"The level of secrecy is second to none, it’s amazing. None of us had any idea," he said. "We would occasionally fish for a clue, or try to trick the people working on the show who we thought might know."

"The celebrities would only be allowed to walk around in their costume. They would leave their dressing room in costume. Even getting into their cars, they had a mask on."

Appearing on BBC 5 Live, one of this year's contestants revealed just how it all worked.

Politician Alan Johnson, unmasked as Pharaoh in the first week, said: "They don't do the reveal in front of the whole audience even.


"They take two thirds of the audience away and make the smaller audience all sign non-disclosure agreements and they're the ones there for the reveal. They even go to those lengths.

He went on to say about appearing on the show: "If you weren't wearing the costume you were given a balaclava, I looked like a bank robber.

"As former Home Secretary I was a bit worried about that. And then a visor that is reflective so you can see out but no one can see in. Then a hooded anorak, with 'don't speak to me' on.


"And just as important as not seeing your face people are not allowed to hear your voice so you have to stay absolutely silent as you walk about."

Meanwhile Presenter Joel Dommett has let slip some celebs on the show have been lying about taking part.

The Masked Singer: Ep8 on ITV
The Masked Singer: Ep8 on ITV

He told The Sun: “Last Saturday, I saw someone who is on the show saying it wasn’t them. Which is interesting.

“The final episode is going to be a mad one. There’s three reveals and nobody is getting near to guessing them. It’s going to be epic.”


The Masked Singer airs on ITV.

The final takes place Saturday, February 15 at 7PM.