The Masked Singer contestants hints, clues, guesses and reveals so far

The Masked Singer UK spoilers

The Masked Singer

Here's a full run down of the Masked Singer UK contestants plus all the hints and clues to their identity.

In The Masked Singer, twelve celebrities compete in a singing show all while dressed head to toe in elaborate costumes, their identities are hidden on and off stage.

As each celebrity sings, a superstar panel, along with the studio audience, are left guessing who’s behind the mask as the celebrity singers try to throw them off the scent.

Here's all we know so far about the contestants, the hints and clues to their identities plus the popular guesses so far...

The Masked Singer contestants

Queen Bee

Queen Bee performs.
Queen Bee performs.

- Young when she began her career
- Always been a bit of a "wildcard"
- Of all her friends she's the "joker of the pack"
- Has helped to change the law

Popular guesses: Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts, Charlotte Church


Duck performs
Duck performs

- A real softie, although maybe you wouldn't think it.
- Always been sporty and can surf.
- Used to be a long distance runner.
- Loves to speak different languages.
- Once had 850,000 people sing happy birthday to her and has sung happy birthday to a "legend".

Popular guesses: Spice Girl Mel C or Mel B



Hedgehog performs.
Hedgehog performs.

- A homely creature who is most active at night
- More introverted than people might expect
- A self-confessed workaholic
- Once had a job that meant he died at 8.30 every night

Popular guesses: Jason Manford, Michael Ball



Unicorn performs.
Unicorn performs.

- Always stood out from the crowd
- Flew on a private plane as a child
- Grew up on a small island and tap danced their way through school.

Popular guesses: John Barrowman, Peter Andre, Frankie Grande




- Come to the UK
- Grammy award winner
- His hero is Tony Hadley

Popular guesses: Cee Lo Green




- Loves to rock out
- Party animal who can be found in the East End
- For 30 years has been collecting tea pots

Popular guesses: Denise Van Outen




- Played in front of big crowds
- Footballer or rugby player
- Has never performed before on the stage but is doing the show for his kids.

Popular guesses: Chris Kamara, Peter Crouch, David Beckham



- Bubbly and always on the go
- Looks up to Naomi Campbell
- Loves weight training

Popular guesses: Love Island's Amber Davies or 'One of the Pussycat Dolls'




- Real name is "from the seeds of the people who made her"
- Moved to the UK, likely American
- Likes to relax by fishing

Popular guesses: Kelis, Ayda Field


The Masked Singer spoilers

Meet the unmasked singers so far below...


Patsy Palmer
Patsy Palmer

At the end of the opening show, it was revealed that the identity of Butterfly was actress Patsy Palmer, best known for her role of Bianca Jackson on BBC soap EastEnders.

After her exit, Patsy said: "I loved it, the costume designers are so talented and I loved being a Butterfly. I love singing in general (not that I’m any good) but it's an extremely uplifting thing to do. I love music, it's a total passion of mine (I DJ) so I’m constantly playing music.

"To be able to get on a stage that size was a dream too although I must say I was really nervous."


alan johnson mp
Alan Johnson

At the end of the second show, it was revealed that the identity of Pharaoh was politician Alan Johnson, who previously served as Home Secretary for the Labour party.

Asked why he signed up for the show, Alan Johnson said: "Because it was so weird and wacky", and admitted that going out in the first round was the toughest part of the process.



the masked singer justin
Justin Hawkins as Chameleon

At the end of the third show, it was revealed that the identity of Chameleon was Justin Hawkins, frontman of The Darkness.

Asked why he signed up for the show, Justin said: "I wanted to take part in something that would be slightly surreal, and the secrecy made it a very exciting. Like having an extra-musical affair.

"I was reluctant to commit to the recordings because I was supposed to be best man at a wedding in Australia, but it was too good to turn down. Haha!"

He added: "The toughest part of the process was learning relatively modern songs. I’m not fond of new music, so I had to force myself to assimilate inferior compositions... Plus it was difficult to sing from within a helmet!"


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