Planet Earth 3 Episode 6 filming locations and animals – Extremes

Here’s a look at the filming locations and animals featuring in the sixth episode of Planet Earth 3.


In the latest episode, David Attenborough uncovers how animals adapt to survive in the most extreme environments on Earth.

From towering mountains to blistering deserts, icy tundras to pitch-black caves, these scarcely visited habitats host some of Earth’s most resilient creatures, living precariously.

Two snow leopard cubs (Panthera uncia) playfight in the craggy mountains of the Gobi desert, Mongolia

In Vietnam’s Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, blind white fish thrive in small pools, nourished by jungle nutrients.

Arctic wolves on Ellesmere Island recover from a harsh winter, traversing great distances for scarce food and confronting musk oxen.

A European common frog emerges from Alpine snow, competing with others to reach a breeding pool.

In the Atlas Mountains, a young Barbary macaque races against time to rejoin its group for warmth, while in Mexico, millions of monarch butterflies cluster together, their peace disrupted by a storm.

An Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) deftly moves through the snow on Ellesmere Island, Canada. On some days the wolves can travel over 50 miles in search of prey
Credit: BBC/© Ronan Donovan

In Australia’s savannahs, golden-shouldered parrots nest in termite mounds, but a sudden fire tests their safety.

A Kenyan elephant mother endures drought, struggling to sustain her family.


In the Gobi Desert, with its extreme temperature variations, a snow leopard mother and cubs illustrate Earth’s hidden natural wonders.

Planet Earth III airs on Sunday nights on BBC One and iPlayer.