Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Gemma Collins – how to watch online

Watch Piers Morgan' Life Stories online with Gemma Collins (11 February)

The first episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories’ new series started on Thursday (11 February) on ITV.


The new series of five episodes was back with some famous guests.

In each episode of the upcoming extraordinary series, Piers will delve into the lives and minds of his celebrity interviewee, all of whom have enjoyed lengthy careers under the glare of the media spotlight.

The first celebrity in the hot seat was Queen of memes and reality diva, Gemma Collins.

In her chat with Piers, Gemma talks about being bullied at school and the abuse she has received on social media and from the public.

Piers said: “All those bullies who punched you and chanted at you and teased you and tried to prick that confidence, if they’re watching as you sit here in your Versace suit doing Life Stories, having just told me you’ve made a million pounds out of being Gemma Collins, what would you say to them? Does it feel good to have rubbed their taunts in their face?”

Gemma replied: “I don’t believe in revenge and two wrongs don’t make a right. I hope that they’ve worked on something within themselves.”


The reality star continues to discuss the downside of fame and abuse she has received.

Other guests appearing in the series include award-winning actor and writer Rupert Everett, daytime TV queen Trisha Goddard, singer and Loose Woman Coleen Nolan, and world champion ex-boxer Chris Eubank.

Watch Piers Morgan’s Life Stories online

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories airs on ITV on Thursday nights at 9PM.

You can also catch up on Vinnie Jones on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories via the ITV Hub HERE or via Amazon Prime with ITV Hub+ HERE.

Additionally, you can watch episodes live as they air online via the ITV Hub

The next episode will feature Chris Eubank.


First airing in 2009, 2021 will see the show pass the landmark 100 episode mark.

Picture: ITV