Phoenix Gulzar Brown and Chelcee Grimes clash on The Games as competition heats up


Things get heated on ITV’s The Games tonight between Phoenix Gulzar Brown and Chelcee Grimes.

In scenes to air this evening (11 May), Phoenix accuses Chelcee of having given her a “shove” and not playing “fair” during the hurdles and asserted her claim to third place in the breaststroke ahead of her.

Phoenix tells the camera following her after the tight finish in the breaststroke: “So they’re saying they want to re-check it cos they are saying Chelcee came third and I didn’t. That’s bull crap! I busted my ass on that.”

Footage had seemed to indicate Chelcee had marginally pipped Phoenix for third place in the 50m breaststroke. However, a review of the result took place after the race and the technological analysis and independent judge both confirmed that Phoenix was in third place and Chelsee came fourth.

In other scenes backstage, Phoenix raised the close finish between her and Chelcee for first and second place in the 100 metre hurdles event, which was shown on Monday night’s opening show of the Games, with Chelcee winning by a whisker.

Standing among a group of fellow contestants, presenters and production staff, Phoenix, gesturing to Chelcee, said: “She pushed me yesterday.”

Chelcee replied: “I love the girl, but I’m not getting robbed like that.”

Phoenix responded: “I played fair, you didn’t play fair yesterday, man.”

Chelcee reacted: “Oh, you’re bringing that in.”

Phoenix insisted: “That’s fair play. If you’re going to re-check this [the breaststroke], then re-check yesterday.”

Chelcee asked: “What happened?”

Phoenix replied: “What do you mean? You gave me a shove.”

As the exchange builds up, whoops and cheers can be heard from the wider group, one of whom said: “I’m going home.”

Chelcee and Phoenix are expected to address the issues during tonight’s show on ITV at 9PM.

The Games continues on ITV tonight at 9pm live from Crystal Palace, featuring the live men’s 110m hurdles, women’s 400m sprint and javelin.

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