Pete Waterman to explore world of model railways for More 4

Pete Waterman is to front new More 4 series Little Trains & Big Names.

Featuring renowned music producer Pete Waterman, the four-part show will delve into the fascinating realm of miniature model railways.

The concept for the show was inspired by Waterman’s lifelong fascination with railways. In addition to managing his busy schedule as a distinguished pop music creator, Waterman proudly identifies as a dedicated model railway enthusiast.

Throughout the series, Waterman embarks on journeys across the country to rendezvous with some of his renowned friends who share his miniature world passion. These include Jools Holland, Eddie Izzard, James May, and Francis Rossi.

Viewers will have the chance to glimpse Holland’s remarkable 12-year project, gain insights into how Rossi from Status Quo discovers inspiration for his inaugural layout, and explore the unique perspectives each guest brings to this delightful hobby.

A start date for the series, produced by Workerbee Group, is to be announced.

Pete Waterman said: “For as long as I can remember I have been mesmerised by the world of miniature model railways. It has been a total joy exploring the magic of this subculture with viewers at home, and reconnecting with some old friends like Jools, Eddie, James and Francis along the way!”

Jasper Hone, Commissioning Executive at Channel 4 added: “In this wonderful new series, Pete Waterman gives us a fascinating peek into the world of miniature model railways with the help from his celebrity friends and happily you don’t have to own a train set to enjoy it – the surprising mix of model railways, celebrity biog and history truly offers something for everyone.”

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