Panorama: The Post Office Scandal (BBC One)

The Post Office Scandal

Tonight the BBC airs a repeat of its Panorama special The Post Office Scandal.

This revealing Panorama episode delves into the largest miscarriage of justice in UK’s legal history, orchestrated by the Post Office.

Over almost two decades, numerous postmasters across the UK were wrongfully accused of misappropriating funds. The real culprit, however, was suspected to be a faulty computer system.

The documentary uncovers the profound impact on the lives of those accused, many of whom faced financial ruin, personal trauma, and a loss of reputation.

The programme unearths critical evidence that was previously withheld, casting a new light on the cases. It also investigates the roles of the Post Office, a leading multinational tech firm, and the government in perpetuating this injustice and concealing the truth.

Through interviews, investigative journalism, and expert analysis, the episode aims to unravel the layers of deception and neglect, highlighting the enduring fight for justice and accountability.

Panorama: The Post Office Scandal airs at 10:40PM on Wednesday, 10 January on BBC One.

The special first aired in 2022 and is available now on BBC iPlayer.

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