DNA Journey celebrity line up and episodes from new ITV series

Our DNA Journey number of episodes and celebs taking part in 2021

ITV has announced a full series of its ancestry show Our DNA Journey – here are the celebrities on the line up.


The new series follows a one-off special featuring Ant and Dec which aired in 2019.

The show will be back with brand new celebrity pairings who, via their DNA, will embark on some truly epic and emotional journeys to explore their family history.

Our DNA Journey celebrity line up

Those taking part in the three-part series are:

Episode 1 – Sporting legends Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp
In episode 1, sporting legends Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp face a different kind of challenge than they’re used to – embarking on a road trip that takes them North and South to discover each other’s family histories using DNA and genealogy… meeting family they never knew existed.

Episode 2 – TV personalities Amanda Holden and Alan Carr.
Amanda Holden and Alan Carr enthusiastically embrace delving into their family history on a road trip that covers Cornwall, London and Erith. Using both DNA and genealogy, they are able to unlock the secrets of the past and meet close family they never knew existed.

Episode 3 – Father & son duo Martin and Roman Kemp
Martin and Roman Kemp delve into their family history with surprising revelations.


DNA Journey will begin on ITV on Wednesday, March 10 at 9PM and continue weekly. You can watch episodes online via the ITV Hub here.

ITV say: “In this journey of discovery, guided by expert genealogists and historians and using cutting edge DNA technology and hidden genealogy, the celebrities will explore long held secrets and uncover relatives they never even knew they had.

“As Ant and Dec before them, they bring with them friendly rivalry and humour, as well as the proverbial shoulder to cry on for the emotionally charged revelations and dramatic twists, in what promises to be a life changing experience they’ll never forget.

“Whose family emigrated to Canada after just missing out on a place on the doomed Titanic? Which famous face discovered that their ancestor was involved in the biggest robbery of 1840? Whose ancestor received a prestigious award from a King and who is related to a former British Strong Man?

“They are guided along the way by expert genealogists and historians who, using cutting edge DNA technology and hidden genealogy, unlock the mysteries of their family history, helping them discover the shocking secrets that will change their lives forever.”

The show will be co-produced for ITV by Voltage TV and Mitre Television, Ant and Dec’s production company.

Ant & Dec said: “DNA Journey was such an incredible experience for us. It’s such an emotional rollercoaster of a show and this new series doesn’t disappoint”.


Kathleen Larkin, Executive Producer at Voltage TV added: “This series brings joy, warmth and a bit of escapism to the screen. You’ll laugh, cry and be gobsmacked at the spooky coincidences that run through our favourite celebs’ family DNA”.

Picture: ITV