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Olivia Attwood explores the cost of beauty in new ITVX series

Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection arrives on ITVX this month.


The series is the latest from Love Island star turned documentary maker Olivia Attwood, known for her candid approach and experience with cosmetic enhancements. She delves deep into the world of cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments, uncovering the lengths people go to in pursuit of the ‘perfect’ body.

This exploration extends from evolving beauty trends to innovative procedures, questioning the sacrifices and costs involved in the quest for perfection. The series highlights various cases, including spending £4,500 on eyebrow transplants and dealing with unevenly enhanced buttocks, raising the question: is the pursuit of aesthetic perfection truly worth it?

Olivia immerses herself in this world, not just as an observer but as an active participant. She undergoes several non-invasive treatments, including a vaginal steam in Los Angeles and a facial treatment involving calf umbilical cord in Mayfair, all aimed at achieving a youthful appearance. Her willingness to test these advanced and costly treatments adds a personal and often humorous dimension to the series.

Spanning five episodes, the series offers an intimate and often humorous view into the latest cosmetic procedures targeting different body parts, including the face, breasts, buttocks, vagina, and penis. It provides insights into why these treatments are increasingly popular and examines their physical, emotional, and financial impacts.

In a revealing conversation from the first episode, Olivia interviews Monifa, a cosmetic surgery patient, about her inspiration for undergoing procedures. Monifa candidly admits her ideal is the Bratz dolls, a statement that underscores the influence of pop culture and media on beauty standards.

Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection is available from Thursday, 18 January on ITVX

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