Nikita and Fern in awkward clash on Celebrity Big Brother

Nikita and Fern argue on Celebrity Big Brother

There’s an awkward clash between Nikita and Fern on Celebrity Big Brother tonight.


Housemates are playing a game on the sofas. Fern pours Nikita a drink and says: “You and I get on alright when we’re playing games. Can I tell you? How old are you now?”

Nikita says: “26.”

Fern replies: “When you’re 66, you’ll have exactly the same brain which is why you have to understand that I’ve still got a 26 year old brain.

Fern on CBB

Nikita says: “I’m a bit confused about this.”

Fern responds: “You shouldn’t be confused. You never change your brain. Everything is hilarious – all bum jokes, all c**k jokes. Everything is still as it is when you’re 66.”


Nikita is left perplexed and says: “Are we having a beef? What’s happening?”

Fern says: “I’m just saying never look at an old person and think they’re old. We’re still in our heads 26.”

Nikita asks: “Referring to?”

Fern then explains: “When you said to me the other day, you were very sweet. ‘I like your stripy top, stripes are in fashion Fern.’

“Bless you, you were passing me a compliment but also saying ‘actually they’re in fashion’ as if it was a surprise to me. It wasn’t a surprise.”

But how will Nikita react after realising his comment has offended Fern? Can the pair resolve their differences? Or is it too little-too late for a friendship between them?


Elsewhere tonight, Fern decides to reveal to her housemates a secret that’s been weighing on her: she placed a snake on Louis’s pillow as part of a task from Big Brother.

Meanwhile, in a twist of events, the housemates are involved in a courtroom task where Marisha, David, and Bradley face accusations ranging from game-playing to noise pollution and cowardice.

They are judged by their peers and Judge Simon, aka former housemate Lauren Simon, leading to a suspenseful conclusion about who will end up in Big Brother’s jail.


And the tension escalates with a double eviction announced, placing Fern, Marisha, Nikita, and Zeze at risk of leaving.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.