New series 12 Puppies And Us: The Next Chapter coming to BBC Two

Follow up to 10 Puppies And Us

BBC Two has announced 12 Puppies And Us: The Next Chapter, a follow up to 2018’s 10 Puppies And Us.


The new series will follow 12 families across Britain who have just become puppy owners, as they navigate their first difficult, but also joyful, few months together.

It will also re-visit some of the dogs who featured in previous BBC Two series, 10 Puppies And Us and discover how the different breeds have developed over the last two years.

The BBC say: “12 Puppies And Us: The Next Chapter will feature both adopted rescue and responsibly-bought puppies, that face a range of behavioral challenges a new puppy can present, from the first ever walkies to toilet training fails.

“From today’s most popular breeds such as Whippets and Daschunds, to dogs who provide specialist services and care, this series will explore how to raise a puppy from cradle to adolescence and on to adulthood.”

Dan Barraclough, Executive Producer at programme makers RDF, said: “The recent lockdown has seen a surge in interest from people wanting to take on a puppy and from a really diverse range of families and backgrounds.

“From tiny dogs like the Chinese Crested Powderpuff to Great Danes, people are looking into some very different breeds, so it will be intriguing to see how each family deals with the challenges of their particular pup. And they’ll be growing up in dramatically different environments – from city flats to open farmland.

“It will also be fascinating to be able follow up on the pups from previous series to see how they have developed over two years. There will be some recurring bad habits, but also some surprising transformations to marvel at.”


Abigail Priddle, Commissioning Editor, BBC Two, added: “I’m so excited to have a new cohort of puppies joining us on BBC Two. From large dogs to small, rescue pups to responsibly bred, this series will be a wonderful way of sharing in the joys, troubles, tips and training that come with a new four-legged friend.

12 Puppies And Us: The Next Chapter will air for six episodes with an air date to be confirmed.

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