New Motherland spin-off Amandaland to hit the BBC

Motherland spin-off

Following the success of the BAFTA award-winning series Motherland, a brand-new spin-off titled Amandaland is set to debut on the BBC.

This Merman-produced series will focus on Amanda, portrayed by Lucy Punch, navigating the complexities of her new life.

Post-divorce, Amanda has had to downsize and move to South Harlesden, or as the optimistic estate agent calls it, SoHa (definitely not the area near Wormwood Scrubs prison).

With her children, Manus and Georgie, now in secondary school, Amanda faces the challenges of raising teenagers in today’s world.

From teenage drinking to fake Instagram accounts and eco-anxiety, Amanda’s journey into modern motherhood is fraught with new horrors. Even someone as confident in her parenting skills as Amanda can’t handle these nightmares alone.

Adding to Amanda’s chaos is her mother Felicity, played by the iconic Joanna Lumley. Felicity is a constant presence, despite being in denial about her loneliness.

Their relationship is a blend of co-dependence, backhanded compliments, and veiled criticisms about Amanda’s new home, making for some entertaining and relatable family dynamics.

Anne, played by Philippa Dunne, after enjoying a brief period of freedom, finds herself pulled back into Amanda’s orbit. Anne becomes Amanda’s indispensable ally, helping her navigate the social landscape of the new school and the other parents.

Anne’s loyalty and support are crucial as Amanda tries to establish her place in this new chapter of her life.

The spin-off promises to bring the same wit and humour that made Motherland a favourite among viewers, while exploring new storylines and challenges.

Tanya Qureshi, Head of Comedy at the BBC said: “Motherland continues to be one of the most loved comedies on the BBC, and we’re so pleased we are carrying on with the story, taking the characters in a new direction and to a different postcode.

“Lucy, Joanna and Phillipa are three of the funniest comedy actors around and we’re thrilled to have them on board.”

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