New Channel 4 show will see people vote on if person should have plastic surgery


Channel 4 has announced brand new series that will members of the public decide if someone should have surgery.

The new show, called The Surjury, puts cosmetic surgery under the spotlight and brings together young people who are desperate to go under the knife with a panel of peers and experts who will decide whether they get their life-changing procedure or not.

Described by Channel 4 as a “striking new factual entertainment series”, the series will see a 12-strong jury of the public decide if people get the cosmetic surgery they’ve always dreamed of.

The Channel 4 teased: “From bum-lifts to nose jobs, sculpted abs to breast enlargements, The Surjury allows people to explore their choices more thoroughly, and to take measured advice from their peers, some of whom may previously have gone under the knife themselves and will happily hold court on the subject.

“While some of their reasons for surgery will be obvious, some will require the candidate to remove items of clothing to show exactly what they want done and where, in an effort to secure 75% of the jury vote and get their procedure. Months later they’ll be invited back to show off the results.”

Ross McCarthy CEO and Executive Producer for programme makers Gobstopper Television commented: “This is a totally new way of doing peer to peer advice, our pitchers will either get the surgery they’ve always wanted, or a massive boost in confidence when the public rules they don’t need work at all!’

Becky Cadman Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 added: “The Surjury is an innovative format that promises to literally, get under the skin of people who think that a quick fix is their best option.”

The Surjury will air on Channel 4 in 2019.

The Surjury was commissioned by Channel 4 Factual Entertainment Commissioning Editor Becky Cadman. The series will be made by Gobstopper Television in Manchester and filmed at Dock 10. Ross McCarthy and Sharyn Mills will Executive produce for Gobstopper Television, Moray London will series produce.