Strangers On A Plane start date and all about new Channel 4 TV show

A new Channel 4 TV series will see members of the public competing to organise the best holiday.


In Strangers on a Plane, five strangers will fly off together for a five-day getaway to a popular holiday destination.

In each episode, one will take control for 24 hours hoping to give the rest of the group the best experience.

Channel 4 explain: “As each holidaymaker takes their turn to plan their perfect day, they must make the key decisions: what accommodation everyone stays in, where they all eat, what activities the group does and what the evening entertainment is.

“The sky’s the limit on imagination but the budget is set and if they overspend, they could soon end up with a holiday nightmare.

“At the end of each week, the group votes on who planned the best day, with the winner enjoying another week in the sun with a friend or family member.

“Everyone has a different idea of what makes a good holiday and these strangers on a plane will need to please more than just themselves if they’re to emerge a holiday hero.”


The show will air weekdays daily on Channel 4 starting on Monday, 3 April at 5:30PM.

Gill Brown, commissioning executive for Channel 4, said: “Strangers on a Plane is set to be a wild and raucous daytime delight on Channel 4. I can’t wait to see what our holidaymakers get up to.”

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