Netflix reveals new interactive series You vs. Wild with Bear Grylls

Netflix has revealed it is launching a brand new interactive series fronted by Bear Grylls.


Viewers will be able to join survival expert Bear in new show You vs Wild, a spin-off from his Discovery Channel series Man vs. Wild.

In an eight part show Bear will head out on adventures around the world with the viewer able to interact and make multiple choices throughout each episode.

Those watching will have the power to control what decisions Bear makes as cameras follow him climbing mountains and and entering jungles across the world.

It’s the latest show from Netflix to feature interactive choices, following on from drama Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and a number of children’s programmes.

Bear said: “I’m so proud to deliver this first-of-its-kind live-action interactive series, really giving viewers an all-access pass to explore the world and its landscapes in my boots.”

“This is going to be a journey unlike any I’ve EVER embarked on before. I need YOU to think ahead, choose wisely, and most importantly, never give up. ?” he wrote on Twitter.


Bear added: “For the first time, my survival is in your hands and the stakes have never been this high. Answer the call, if you’re up for the challenge.”

The series will be available to stream and watch on Netflix worldwide HERE from April 10.

“In this interactive series, you’ll make key decisions to help Bear Grylls survive, thrive and complete missions in the harshest environments on Earth,” Netflix says in the synopsis.

Meanwhile, Bear will be back on UK TV later this year with a new series of The Island on Channel 4.

And this time there is a £100,000 prize up for grabs in what has been dubbed ‘Treasure Island With Bear Grylls’.


The money is hidden across The Island but there’s a catch: If they leave early, they must leave empty-handed. Only those who make it to the very end, can keep their share of any loot they find.

Bear Grylls said: “This radical new twist on the Island experience will test whether human nature really is ruled by the quest for financial gain, or whether co-operation and altruism in the face of adversity can bring their own reward.”