Naughty Boy says he’s leaving I’m A Celebrity (again)


Naughty Boy threatened to leave I’m A Celebrity again in tonight’s show.

In this evening’s episode, Naughty Boy told his fellow celebs he was planning to quit camp the next morning.

Naughty Boy told Snoochie Shy, Matty Lee and Danny Miller: “I want to make tonight a special night, as I will be leaving in the morning.”

Snoochie asked: “You will be? You’re leaving?”

Naughty Boy replied: “I just think my time here is done.”

Snoochie said: “I feel like your journey’s only just begun. If I had handcuffs I’d chain you to a chair, but I don’t.”

Naughty Boy explained: “At some point you do have to do what’s best for you.”

Naughty Boy in the Telegraph added: “I’m still planning to leave tomorrow. I feel like my journey here in the camp has come to an end. I can’t go against my spirit.”

He later told his campmates: “I genuinely feel good about it. I don’t feel sad, I don’t feel like… I wouldn’t be leaving if I knew I haven’t challenged myself or overcome any fears because what’s the point of being here in the first place?”

Matty said: “Sad to see you go mate.”

Naughty Boy said: “It’ll be sad for me to go, honestly, I love all of you.”

Naughty Boy then went on to tackle the latest I’m A Celebrity trial, Creepy Closets after being voted for by the public to take part.

Ant explained: “This is Creepy Closets. Behind us are six Creepy Closets hidden within them are 11 stars. Two minutes in each closet to find the stars. Once you get a star, pop it in your star bag.”

Dec added: “Now, this is a Trial, so the chances are you won’t be alone in any of them.”

Naughty Boy nailed the trial, collecting all 11 stars, and returned to camp to reveal he had decided to stay.

Adam said: “To see him [Naughty Boy] come back in, it was almost like he was floating on air. He was so happy with himself, you could see the confidence just rising up in him. That was a nice moment, a really nice moment.”

Kadeena added: “He’s happy. It’s so nice to see him back.”

Danny asked: “Are you going to stick around now? You’re not going anywhere are you?”

Confirming he’d stay, Naughty Boy said: “I can’t… after 11 stars!”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV and ITV Hub.