Myleene Klass spills all on winning I’m A Celebrity South Africa

Myleene Klass has shared all on her experience on I’m A Celebrity South Africa following Friday’s final.

The musician and media personality was crowned winner of the all star series, becoming the first ever I’m A Celebrity Legend.

Speaking about her time on the show, Myleene shared: “I’ve been in my element. I can’t believe what the jungle gave me first time and I’ve actually had the opportunity to relive it a second time round. It’s one of those things, it was so magical the first time you start thinking did I remember that as it was or have I recreated those memories?

Myleene in the winner's throne

“They say don’t go back to an ex and don’t go back to a reheated dinner. I thought to myself oh no, what if it’s not as good? And I’ve gone back into the bush and it’s been even bigger, more majestic, bigger trials.

“South Africa is vast. And it’s not been against any campmates, it’s been against the best of the best. It’s just been mind blowing. Everything was as magical, very tough – challenging both mentally and physically – and something that I’ve loved throwing myself into.”

However Myleene says that choosing to go back wasn’t an easy decision.

She recalls: “We sat down as a family and it was my children that made me say yes. The first time round I wasn’t a mum so there was no jeopardy if I ran around the jungle for a few weeks in a white bikini. I had the time of my life and took on a few challenges and then I came out and everyone knew me for having a shower! There are worse things to be known for having!

“I had a ball the first time. This time round, I’m a mum and that changes everything. You don’t want to let your children down, you don’t want to say something that will embarrass them. You don’t want to bottle out of a trial. I wanted to show my girls especially, my baby boy is a little bit too young, but my girls are 15 and 11 years old and we sat down and had a big conversation about it as a family.

I'm A Celebrity final three talk to Ant & Dec

“Both of them were just begging me to do it. I said to them I’ll be as strong as I can be, I wanted to show them, and other little girls, keep walking through the fire. ”

On being crowned the winner, Myleene said: “I think the fact that my peers kept me in at points, that meant everything because they were the closest to me in camp. It’s lovely to have the public vote of course the first time round. That gave me so much confidence the first time in my career.

“But the second time, being voted for by my peers who have seen what I’ve done in camp. In close quarters, who lived with me and done the trials with me. To have their acknowledgement and to have affirmation from them. Honestly, when they voted for me to stay in for the final three, I couldn’t hold my tears back. I was so moved. That acknowledgement meant everything.”

Myleene won the show after going head to head with Jordan Banjo in the ultimate eating trial in which she ate 40 spoonfuls of stinky tofu and 60 mice tails.

“I don’t know what to say to you, it was the gnarliest, grisliest challenge I have ever, ever put myself through,” she says. “I would rather walk back out onto that platform which is 1000+ feet above sea level [World’s End trial] than put any of the stuff back in my mouth again.

I'm A Celebrity's final two Myleene and Jordan face off in the eating trial

“40 spoons of fermented tofu which tasted like death! It was grim! I put 60 mouse tails in my mouth! They kept repeating on me. I didn’t know how many Jordan was going to do. I just thought I’m going to have to go for broke! It’s too close to call.”

Myleene concluded of her return: “There were really good people in camp, the fact we were all so far from home. We had a common goal, to keep the camp going, celebrate the jungle first time round for what it gave to all of us, say thank you and goodbye to it….but do it in style.”

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