Museum of Us: Sir Tony Robinson to front revolutionary new history show on More4


Sir Tony Robinson is to front a revolutionary new history show on More4.

Museum of Us is described as a “detective story meets design challenge”.

It will follow people from one street in towns and cities across the UK as they are given a week to investigate and curate a museum about the history of their ‘ordinary’ residential road.

Channel 4 share: “Each week, Tony Robinson leads a team made up of a historian, a designer and a curator to a different street in the UK where the residents are challenged to create their very own pop-up museum. Guided by Tony and the team, the local residents uncover, piece by piece, the story of their street.

“As they begin with their own personal connections, they then gather evidence that tells the story of their street through time and learn how it fits into Britain’s national history.”

The locations featured across the four-part series are in Birmingham, Aberystwyth, Norwich and Bristol.

Tony Robinson said: “Museum of Us will be celebrating the lives, the histories and the ingenuity of ordinary people, and bringing communities together to make something wonderful. I’m thrilled to be involved.”

David Olusoga, Executive Producer for programme makers Uplands TV, added: “Tens of thousands of streets across the UK have fascinating histories hidden behind their front doors. We are delighted to be working with local residents and local museums to bring their untold stories to More4.”

Kate Thomas, commissioning editor for More4, commented: “Museum of Us is a fascinating and beautiful series. With the inimitable Tony Robinson at the helm and a brilliant team of experts, I know the individual museums built will capture the imaginations of us all and make us wonder about the history to be found on our own doorsteps.”

Museum of Us will air on More4 and All 4 later this year.