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Murder Island: Meet the suspects and contestants on Channel 4 show

Who is the murderer?

Murder Island is the new reality murder mystery game show – meet the suspects and contestants taking part!


The six-part series will see four pairs attempt to solve a fictional murder and put the perpetrator behind bars.

All under the watchful eyes of some of Britain’s leading Senior Investigating Officers – Senior Investigating Officer, Parm Sandhu and her two deputies Simon Harding and Graham McMillan (Maca) – the armchair detectives will be playing for £50,000 prize.

Best selling crime-writer Ian Rankin has written the murder mystery, which was filmed on the remote Scottish island of Gigha.

It starts with the discovery of the body of Charly Hendricks at The Manse, an old, rundown property that the victim had been renting from the local pub landlord, Tony Slade.

Meet the victim and suspects

Mid-thirties. Charly’s parents brought her to the island as a child, and it’s a place she cherishes. She returned briefly a few years ago, but now wants to settle and make it her permanent home. She came from a good, wealthy family in Glasgow. But was soon in trouble at her private school for drugs and general bad behaviour. As a teenager she got into music, and later started DJing.

Forty. Ruddy-faced, no-nonsense Highlander. Gowdie was born on the island. He’s from a long line of crofters on the island, but until recently ran the post office with his wife Jean Grant. Self-educated, Hamish’s family lost their plot of land, which was swallowed up by the estate now owned by Cordelia Jameson. The estate itself has changed hands many times over Gowdie’s lifetime

Murder Island
Murder Island

Forties, postmistress. Arrived on the island 8 years ago whilst on holiday and met Hamish. Grant is her maiden name. The post office doubles as a local shop and is a central part of the community. Jean found Charly a breath of fresh air and someone she was really drawn to

Early-forties. Proprietor of the local pub – that was owned by his deceased father. His wife is primary school teacher Sonya Sisoulu. They live above the pub, which is walking distance to the school. Tony owns a small boat for pleasure, and he and Sonya enjoy trips out along the coastline. They are keen walkers and have explored every inch of the island. Tony left the island as a young man, seeking employment. He joined the Army, served for a few years, then worked in Glasgow as security and a doorman at a nightclub. He retreated to the island to leave that life behind. Sonya is keen to leave Hirsa, but family and tradition tug at Tony.

Primary schoolteacher Sonya is originally from London. Her parents had settled there, coming over from Nigeria before she was born. Sonya met Tony in Glasgow where she did her teacher training. Settling on the island had its bumps – some locals were less welcoming when she arrived. Sonya is happy with her teaching job and happy with Tony. But would like to live somewhere with more going on, and more importantly is keen to start a family.

Late fifties. Glasgow gangster with a dark past, now says he’s a legitimate businessman. Freddie is on the island for the first time and as the guest of Cordelia Jameson (who he knows via ‘doing good works for charity’). Freddie is staying in the big house alongside Alicia Devere – not a situation she seems thrilled about, but her employer has ordered that it must be so.

Forties. Logan’s mother and local photographer Ishbel is a born and bred islander. Gruff, not the most sociable, but she has clout locally. She went to school with both Tony and Hamish – so the three of them know each other well. She takes photos of the local animals and landscapes which are sold in the post office and also adorn the walls of the pub. She always dreamt of being a photographer but being a wife and mother came first. Ishbel can often be found in the pub, as she certainly likes a drink.

Early-twenties. Logan is an islander born and bred. He collects lobsters and langoustines, scallops which are transported to the mainland. He’s frustrated by the lack of opportunities on the island and the lack of potential girlfriends. He spends more time on his boat than ashore. He lives in the same house he always has. His mother Ishbel is still alive, his father having died at sea. Son and mother are close. Logan walks with a limp, a childhood accident – he fell down the stairs at home.

Young, glamorous, a go-getter. She works as an agent for Cordelia Jameson. Alicia is a metropolitan-keep-fit type. She works in London usually and sees the island as a backwater. Alicia is staying at a large house owned by Jameson and usually empty, Jameson herself making only one or two trips to the island each year. Alicia is fairly charmless, completely focussed on her work. Alicia has been feeling the pressure. Her anger often gets the better of her.



Murder Island
Parm with Claire, Graham and Simon.

The investigation is overseen by some of the country’s finest real detectives, who will work with the same information as the amateur detectives and will bring their own experience to bear as they judge each team. The teams have eight days to catch the killer, sifting through evidence, examining pathology and forensic reports and interviewing witnesses and suspects.

They have to look beyond their own prejudices, learn new skills and gather evidence. Failing teams will be taken off the investigation and leave the island. But, if the last team can identify the killer and build a strong enough case to satisfy one of Scotland’s leading lawyers, then they could earn a £50,000 reward.

Meet the contestants

SARAH & RICHMOND – Engaged couple from London
28-year-old Sarah & 30-year-old Richmond have been together for four years. When they first met on a night out Sarah shut down Richmond’s advances. But fast forward a few years and the couple are now happily engaged with a three-year-old daughter – this is one of Richmond’s favourite stories to tell and an example of his persevering nature. Sarah studied criminology and sociology at university, a course she loved, but once she graduated followed a different path and now works in recruitment. An ex pro-footballer, Richmond became unemployed after a health scare and now volunteers as a football coach for 12 children in his local area.

ANDREW & NICK– Brothers-in-law from London/Edinburgh
28-year-old Andrew and 33-year-old Nick have known each other for their entire lives, as their parents are friends and Nick is now married to Andrew’s sister. Andrew works as a Marketing Manager for a craft beer company and Nick (a former officer and Captain in the British Army) works as a Digital Director in tech. Andrew comes from a long line of serving police officers and his father would often share fascinating insights and stories in hope that one day one of his four children would follow in his footsteps into the criminal justice system (of which none did). Andrew’s father has always been very interested in Nick’s experiences in the Army and instantly welcomed him into the family, solidifying this with a gift of the family’s uniform — A Ralph Lauren jumper

CHRISSIE & CAROLINE – Next Door Neighbours from Staffordshire
64-year-old Caroline and 77-year-old Chrissie have been best friends for over 30 years after meeting at the local Am-Dram society. They moved next door to each other five years ago and chat endlessly over the garden fence. They have helped each other through the ups and downs of family life, divorce, and bereavement. Chrissie worked in a school for 28 years with children with physical disabilities and complex learning needs, and went on to become a deputy head at a respite centre. This pair want to fly the flag for mature, strong women and give the younger generation a run for their money. They think their life experience combined with their love of detective novels and TV drama will be invaluable on the island. They compare notes after watching Line of Duty – Caroline even writes everything down and will watch an episode several times to make sure she didn’t miss anything. They might come across as sweet, but these two are in it to win it.

DOT & ROX – Best Friends from Hastings
Best friends 22-year-old Dot and 24-year-old Rox have been inseparable for five years. They met when working at a pub only to find they had each other blocked on social media which to this day they still don’t understand why. Since then they have become part of each other’s families. You can find Dot with a cup of tea with Rox’s parents and Rox will just let herself into Dot’s flat unannounced.Dot works in the pub she lives above and she is used to customers confiding in her. Whether it’s marriage advice (which she has no experience in!), or keeping the regulars entertained, people want to talk to Dot. She has recently completed a Private Investigation course and wants to stop pulling pints and start picking criminals. Rox works for a property lawyers and is about to start an Open University Criminology course to explore if detective work is her next calling.


Murder Island starts on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 5 October at 9:30PM.

The series has six episodes which will air weekly on Channel 4 and All 4.

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