!mpossible Celebrities to air on BBC One primtetime

!mpossible Celebrities is coming to primetime BBC One with a celebrity series.


It follows three successful series of the !mpossible quiz show on daytime.

Hosted by Rick Edwards and produced by Mighty Productions for BBC ONE, !mpossible Celebrities will see 18 celebrity contestants begin their !mpossible journey and compete across six-episodes to give themselves a chance of winning £10,000 for a charity of their choice.

Kate Phillips, Controller of BBC Entertainment Commissioning, said: “Viewers will find it impossible not to love this show which has had great success under Dan McGolpin in BBC Daytime. I can’t wait to see the celebrities commence brainy battle as they try to avoid that impossible answer!”

Lynn Sutcliffe, Mighty Productions Managing Director, added: “We are totally delighted to be bringing the excitement and humour of !mpossible to a Primetime audience – and are very much looking forward to seeing a group of famous faces take up the !mpossible challenge.”

!mpossible Celebrities is the quiz with the third dimension: as well as right answers and wrong answers there are also impossible answers – they are not just wrong, they couldn’t possibly be right.

In each episode, the celebrities must avoid giving impossible answers as they battle it out across three rounds of !mpossible style multiple choice questions. Every right answer takes them a step closer to a shot at that jackpot – but a single !mpossible answer will knock them out for that episode.


!mpossible Celebrities will film later this year with those all star guests still to be announced.

Meanwhile, a fourth series of !mpossible for daytime has also been commissioned.