Move over Little Mix, X Factor has found it’s next big musical four piece

Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh formed a new group on The X Factor 2017 auditions tonight.

Auditions concluded this evening with Nicole, Louis, Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne behind the judges’ desk.

One of the final few acts we met this year were Just Us, a duo made up of retired friends Anna-Maria (67) and Carol (70).

The pair wanted to prove “whatever your age, you can still make your dreams come true” and reckoned they had The X Factor.

Anna-Maria and Carol sang ABBA’s Hasta Manana but Simon felt they could do with a third member, inviting Nicole to join the group.

“There’s not a boy, girl group in the charts right now,” Simon added before inviting Louis to also get involved with the performance.

After the song, Simon commented: “I just had a weird feeling just listening to that, that was us winning next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. I would be willing to work with you as a group. We’re going to judge you as a foursome.”

Sharon Osbourne reacted: “I feel the potential here, I really do, I like the look of you.”

With ‘two yeses’ from Sharon and Simon, the new four piece made it through to bootcamp.

We can’t wait for their next performance…

Other acts on tonight’s final episode of auditions included duo Boybanned, made up of Scott (28 – student nurse) and Ben (27 – joiner) who up until the morning of the audition used to be a trio, but third member Jack decided not to audition.

Also at the auditions as a pair – but auditioning separately – were best pals from Blackpool Johnny Wright and Jenny Ball. However there was heartbreak for Johnny who got a no from the judges as Jenny made bootcamp.

The X Factor 2017 airs Saturday and Sunday nights on ITV.

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