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Mother’s Day cast from BBC Two’s new real life drama

Mother’s Day is a new one-off fact based drama for BBC Two – but who’s on the cast and what’s it all about?


Based on real events, Mother’s Day is written by Nick Leather, directed by Fergus O’Brien and produced by Scott Bassett. Executive Producers are Tommy Bulfin for the BBC and Aysha Rafaele for BBC Studios.

The one-off 90 minute drama airs tonight, Monday September 3 at 9PM on BBC Two.

The cast includes Vicky McClure, Anna Maxwell Martin, Daniel Mays and David Wilmot.

Following the 1993 Warrington bomb attack which left two boys dead, a grieving family and a Dublin housewife form an unlikely alliance to bring about peace and heal communities on both sides of the Irish Sea.

Sue McHugh (Vicky McClure), an unassuming and usually shy Dublin housewife, is deeply affected by news of the tragedy. Spurred into action by the events in Warrington and the hope that she can make a difference, Sue urges people across Ireland to demonstrate that the killings on all sides must stop. But has Sue underestimated the challenge of brokering peace in a community that has known such conflict?

As the grieving Wendy and Colin Parry (Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays) search desperately for answers to their son Tim’s senseless killing, they form an alliance with Sue, her husband Arthur (David Wilmot), and their Peace ‘93 movement, travelling to Dublin in a bid to bring about peace and ensure Tim’s enduring legacy is one of hope and tolerance.