Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing special 2023


Mortimer and Whitehouse: Gone Fishing returns for a Christmas and New year special this week.

Fresh from their recent series, a one-off Christmas episode will provide the festive treat for Gone Fishing fans.

It will air on TV on Friday, 29 December at 9PM on BBC Two and iPlayer.

In a festive hour-long episode, Bob Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse and trusty canine companion Ted travel head to Scotland for an adventurous salmon fishing trip, immersing themselves in the vibrant Hogmanay celebrations.

Their journey takes them across the scenic rivers Dee, Tay, and Ericht, not just for the thrill of fishing but also for the warmth of friendship, as they rendezvous with an old pal for a cozy dinner and have a surprise guest perform at their New Year’s Eve bash.

The trio’s adventure begins aboard a steam train with a picturesque view of the River Dee, their first fishing spot. This river holds a special place in Paul’s heart, echoing memories of fishing with his father in the same location.

Aboard the train, amidst the excitement of the upcoming year, they share their New Year’s resolutions. Ted proudly presents his new Christmas gift, adding to the festive cheer.

In keeping with the spirit of “Gone Fishing,” Bob unveils some uniquely charming accommodations, perfectly set in enchanting locales, offering a tranquil retreat after their fishing endeavors.

Adding a touch of the mystical, Mystic Wilf makes an appearance to share predictions for the upcoming year. Ted, in particular, is treated to an afternoon filled with special entertainment, leading up to the traditional works party and an awards ceremony.

The episode culminates in a spectacular musical celebration, marking the end of 2023 and ushering in 2024 with excitement and anticipation … and away they go …

For now, all series of Gone Fishing are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.