Midsomer Murders cast from Happy Families episode on ITV in 2021

Midsomer Murders Happy Families cast and spoilers - S22E03

Midsomer Murders is back on ITV tonight with a brand new episode for 2021 – who’s on the cast of Happy Families?

Midsomer Murders is the hit drama following the work of DCI John Barnaby as he investigates the crimes that occur in the fictional English county of Midsomer.

Happy Families will air on Sunday, 3 October 2021 at 8PM.

It’s the third episode of Series 22 which was filmed earlier this year.

Midsomer Murders cast

The cast of series 22 sees Neil Dudgeon return to play DCI John Barnaby, Nick Hendrix is back as DS Jamie Winter and Annette Badland resumes her role as pathologist Dr Fleur Perkins with Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby.

The full cast of the Happy Families episode are:

DCI John Barnaby – Neil Dudgeon
DS Jamie Winter – Nick Hendrix
Sarah Barnaby – Fiona Dolman
Fleur Perkins – Annette Badland
Victor Karras – Stuart Milligan

Eleanor Karras – Rachael Stirling
Paul Matheson – Paul Bazely
Alicia Matheson – Georgina Rich
Danni Karras – Vanessa Emme
Andrew Welles – Ed White

Helen Wells – Caroline Quentin
Joshua Kilbride – Greg Lockett
Noah Adomakoh – Aki Omoshaybi
Hugo Welles – Adrian Edmondson


Midsomer Murders spoilers

A synopsis of the episode shares: “Victor Karras has been at the helm of Karras Games for over 50 years, transforming the family run business which create beautifully handmade board games.

“Since the Karras family have made their fortune in games, Victor’s pregnant wife Eleanor decided that to celebrate her husband’s 70th birthday, it only seemed fitting to build such a celebration around a game and so arranged a murder mystery weekend. Gathering at Hulton Manor, a sprawling edifice on its own island, a storm rages outside adding to the immersive experience of the fictional murder playing out in front of them, until Victor tumbles down the stairs, and is impaled by a life-size Egyptian figure– killing him for real.

“As Barnaby and Winter arrive to investigate, Fleur informs them that Victor was not killed when impaled by the Anubis but was dead before he hit the ground – he was poisoned with cyanide. With this, the team reason that it was likely administered in something he ate or drank in the 30 minutes before his death, giving them their window.

“As Fleur returns to the mainland with Victor’s body, the violent storm washes away the chain ferry, the only means of transportation off the island, marooning Barnaby, Winter, the remaining family, and most importantly – the killer.

“With no way off the island and no way of knowing when the storm will subside, Barnaby and Winter gather the group and declare this does not mean that the investigation will cease. Interviewing the group reveals several rivalries and potential motives, Karras Games are struggling, and Victor’s greedy daughter Danni was desperate for her father to step down, while Victor had also recently fired his accountant brother-in-law Paul. Is this about power? Or revenge?”

Midsomer Murders airs Sunday on ITV.

Episodes available to watch online via ITV website as well as BritBox.

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