Midsomer Murders cast from For Death Prepare new episode 2023

Midsomer Murders For Death Prepare cast and spoilers - S22E05

Midsomer Murders is back on ITV1 tonight with a brand new episode for 2023 – who’s on the cast of For Death Prepare?

Hit police crime drama Midsomer Murders follows DCI John Barnaby as he investigates the various crimes that occur in the fictional English county of Midsomer.

New episode For Death Prepare will air on Sunday, 28 May 2023 at 8PM.

Cast of the episode
Jeremy Whittingdale (KEVIN WHATELY), Sarah Barnaby (FIONA DOLMAN), Marcus Dunlow (ALEXANDER HANSON), Phoebe Whittingdale (TESSA WONG) and Luke Dunlow (DYLAN WOOD). Credit: ITV

It’s the fifth episode of Series 22 which was filmed in 2021.

Midsomer Murders cast

The cast of series 22 is led by Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby alongside Nick Hendrix as DS Jamie Winter. They’re joined by Annette Badland as pathologist Dr Fleur Perkins and Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby.

The full cast of For Death Prepare episode are:

Alexander Hanson plays Marcus Dunlow
Clive Rowe plays Derek Sharrow
Kevin Whately plays Jeremy Whittingdale

Samantha Spiro plays Phyllis Fernsby
Rajat M Bose plays Dr Simon Charteris
Jenna Russell plays Faith Dunlow

Dylan Wood plays Luke Dunlow
Tessa Wong plays Phoebe Whittingdale
David Rubin plays Graham Handsworth

Shobna Gulati plays Cheryl Handsworth
Jane Bertish plays Lady Katisha Empson
Isabel Shaw plays Betty Barnaby

Midsomer Murders spoilers

A teaser of the new episode shares: “The Midsomer Mummers, an amateur operatic society, are busy rehearsing for their charity concert when the body of an unknown man is found in their theatre.

“The investigation quickly becomes a race to discover who is desperate to be centre stage.

“As Barnaby and Winter arrive to investigate, none of the cast or crew professes to know the man. With no identification and therefore no motive, the duo finds this case may not be as smooth sailing as they first thought. The pressure is on to identify the victim and unmask the killer before they can stage their showstopping final act.”

Midsomer Murders airs Sunday on ITV1

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