Midsomer Murders cast and spoilers from Send in the Clowns episode

Midsomer Murders 2020 cast and spoilers revealed - S20E06

Midsomer Murders returns to ITV tonight – but who’s on the cast of Send in the Clowns episode?


Now in its 20th series, Midsomer Murders features DCI John Barnaby solving the murderous crimes that occur in the fictional English county of Midsomer.

The latest new episode of 2020 airs on Monday, January 14 at 8PM on ITV.

You can watch and catch up with episodes online via the ITV Hub.

You can also order the entire series 20 of Midsomer Murders on DVD here.

Midsomer Murders cast

Neil Dudgeon returns to play DCI John Barnaby and Nick Hendrix is back as DS Jamie Winter for the landmark twentieth series, with Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby.

Annette Badland joins the cast as Dr Fleur Perkins.


Appearing in the cast of the Send in the Clowns episode are:

Joseph Ferabbee – Jason Watkins
Daniella Bellini – Lorraine Ashbourne
Harry Ferabbee – Andrew Gower
Curtis Ferabbee – Neil Stuke
Freya Ferabbee – Lorraine Burroughs

Terry ‘Groucho’ Bellini – Kevin Eldon
Sophia Bellini – Joni Kamen
Les ‘Oucho’ Morrison – Mike Grady
Mostyn Cartwright – Jonathan Bonnici
Ashley Denton – Terence Maynard


Midsomer Murders spoilers

In Send in the Clowns, Ferrabee’s Circus is back in town! But owner Joe and his troupe receive a less than warm welcome when a string of scary clown appearances around the village sours the reputation of the circus. Hoping to make a permanent base on the land Joe and his estranged brother Curtis share proves to be harder than Joe had once thought. Especially when Curtis begins to do everything in his power to turf the circus off the land.

Joe’s circus is failing, and employee and lifelong friend Daniella is more than aware of this. Losing her own sister Elsa during a duet trapeze act accident, Daniella has relied on the circus as her family and doesn’t want to see it fail. So when her husband and lead clown Terry announces he’s jumping ship to join a different circus, Daniella chooses to remain loyal to Ferrabee’s.

The circus faces its biggest hurdle when during a clown act, performer Terry is shot and killed live on stage in front of the audience! His stage partner Les is immediately blamed for the crime; the gun was in his hands and was witnessed by a crowd full of people.


On closer inspection Barnaby and Winter realise that his was not the gun that killed Terry – someone who knew the act well must have shot him at the same time Les fired his gun, which only contained blanks.

When footage is uncovered that shows a blurred figure lurking at the back of the Big Top on the day of Terry’s murder, our Detectives think they may have a new lead for their killer. But Barnaby and Winter are left baffled when another body turns up – this time at the abattoir neighbouring the circus.

The Police begin to try and find what could possibly connect the two murders, whilst simultaneously trying to identify a mystery clown who is still terrifying the local residents… all of which leaves Barnaby forced to face his own fears…


Midsomer Murders airs on ITV.

Episodes are available to catch up on ITV Hub.

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