Melanie C shares all on The Voice Kids as she joins as a new coach


Melanie C has shared all on joining The Voice Kids this year as a new coach.

The latest series of The Voice Kids UK will air on ITV and ITV Hub from 7:30PM on Monday, 7:30PM.

Melanie C joins returning coaches Pixie Lott, Danny Jones and in the spinning red chairs, ready to put together talented teams of singers aged seven to 14.

On taking up her seat, Melanie says: “I love the show, I watch, I’m always blown away by the kids and I’ve always loved the Coaches and the dynamic between them all. So, when I was asked, I was over the moon.

“And I have to say that the experience has actually completely surpassed my expectations in every way. I’ve fallen in love with everybody who works on the show and the children have impressed me in so many ways.”

Mel C on The Voice Kids. Picture: ITV
Mel C on The Voice Kids. Picture: ITV

The Spice Girl star and her fellow coaches each have four spots on their teams and Melanie says it was the “hardest thing” not always being able to turn.

“Obviously sitting in that big red chair it was a bit surreal on my first day,” she recalls of filming. “I did have a little bit of a weep. It was quite overwhelming. Being a fan of both the kids and the adults show, being in the studio, being on set, being in that big red chair is very surreal but once those kids start singing you just go with your heart.

“Sometimes the hardest thing is not to turn and we could only pick four so we had to be so, so choosy and my team just worked out brilliantly. I’ve got some incredible singers. And really special people as well. They are really humble, they don’t even realise how brilliant they are and they really look out for each other so, yeah, I love them.”

Speaking about the contestants, Melanie continues: “They are incredible. They’re so talented and I think the thing we’ve really felt on this series – with the kids in a very different world, they’ve all been going through the pandemic and it’s affected everybody.

“They’ve not been at school, they’ve not been able to socialise and we’ve all had time to think. I think it’s amazing how the children have done that as well and they’ve come to the show with such positivity and they’ve been really inspiring.

The Voice Kids: SR5: Ep1 on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Melanie C. ©ITV
The Voice Kids: SR5: Ep1 on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Melanie C. ©ITV

“I think quite a few times throughout the blind auditions myself and will, Danny and Pixie, we’ve all just looked at each other in complete amazement at how inspired we are by these young people.”

And on her chances of defeating reigning champion coach Pixie, Melanie suggests: “Well I think I’m in with a pretty good chance.

“I have a lot of confidence in my team and being sporty I am quite competitive! I do have a lot of respect for all the Coaches and they’ve been doing it a lot longer than I have so we’ll have to wait and see!”

Hosted by Emma Willis, The Voice Kids starts 27 December at 7:30PM on ITV and ITV Hub.