Meet the narrator of Malta: The Jewel of the Med on Channel 5

Samantha Bond in The Inheritance

Many viewers have been wondering who narrates Channel 5’s new TV travel series Malta: The Jewel of the Med.

The voice over of the TV show is none other than actress Samantha Bond, best known for playing Miss Moneypenny in four James Bond films, and for her role on Downton Abbey as Lady Rosamund Painswick.

Samantha has also appeared on programmes including Rumpole of the Bailey series, Outnumbered, The Sarah Jane Adventures and, more recently, The Inheritance

The new series continues at 8PM tonight on Channel 5.

In the latest episode, viewers are treated to an eclectic mix of Malta’s rich cultural and natural heritage. The episode showcases a journey through a traditional Maltese fishing village, explores the deep blue mysteries of Gozo’s iconic Blue Hole, delves into a neolithic heritage site, and illuminates a unique candle festival.

At the heart of Malta’s wildlife conservation efforts, the episode spotlights the critical work of a local charity dedicated to protecting sea turtles. These majestic creatures, thriving in Malta’s prime Mediterranean location, are shown being nurtured back to health and released into the wild, symbolising Malta’s commitment to wildlife preservation.

Amanda Tadeu, , Vincent Attard, Claudia Azzopardi get ready to release rehabed Hedgehogs, which are native to Malta

The picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk is a focal point, where viewers meet Andre, a local fisherman who, along with his uncle Roman and restaurateur George, celebrates the lampuki season. This annual fish migration is a cultural and culinary highlight, rooted in generations of tradition.

In an exciting twist, the episode also reveals Malta’s unexpected status as the European capital of classic cars. The Malta Classic Car Grand Prix is a testament to this, with a special focus on 32-year-old Krista, a local racing enthusiast competing in the high-stakes race through the historic roads of Mdina.

British expatriates Mags and Nige, who exchanged their life in Derbyshire for Malta’s sunny skies, share their story of running a candle-making business in the historic city of Birgu. The couple plays a pivotal role in the annual candle festival, an enchanting event where Birgu’s electric lights give way to the warm glow of candles.

Finally, the episode takes viewers to Gozo, Malta’s charming sister island. Here, the Blue Hole offers a breathtaking diving experience under the guidance of instructor Luke, while curator Daphne unravels the mysteries of the ancient Ggantija heritage site, a testament to Malta’s deep historical roots.

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