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Finders Keepers on Channel 5 cast and episode list

Finders Keepers cast group photo
Martin Stone – played by NEIL MORRISSEY Ashley Taylor – JAMES BUCKLEY Anne Stone – FAY RIPLEY

Neil Morrissey, James Buckley and Fay Ripley star in new drama Finders Keepers on Channel 5.


When detectorists Martin and Ashley discover a cache of Saxon treasure, a single misguided choice plunges them into a dangerous web of deceit and murder suspicion. Trapped between Rocky, a notorious local troublemaker, and the determined DS Doyle from the Greater London Police, tensions mount.

Driven to the edge and compelled to confront humanity’s darker aspects – motivated by financial gain and the desire to safeguard his family – Martin’s efforts to extricate himself from the predicament lead to tragic outcomes for him and his family, jeopardising their once peaceful existence irrevocably.

Who’s on the cast of Finders Keepers?

Those appearing on the cast of the TV series are:

  • Neil Morrissey Plays Martin Stone
  • Fay Ripley Plays Anne Stone
  • Jessica Rhodes Plays Laura Stone
  • James Buckley Plays Ashley Taylor
  • Rakhee Thakrar Plays Ds Carole Doyle
  • Shane Attwooll Plays Greg ‘rocky’ Rock
  • Brendan Coyle Plays Denys Elland
  • Nimmi Harasgama Plays Samira Barnes
  • Wayne Foskett Plays Nick Penrose
  • Nick Harris Plays Sgt Crockett
  • Thom Jackson-wood Plays Josh Stone
  • Steven Pacey Plays Di Upton
  • Ace Bhatti Plays Adil Kumar
  • Arthur Campbell Plays Adam
  • Tara Lee Plays Phoenix
  • Herbert Forthuber Plays Gregorie Lechamp
  • Winston Ellis Plays Dc Jones
  • Jordan Long Plays Dc Kidd
  • Tracey Ann Wood Plays Tina
  • Robert Forknall Plays Paul
  • Plays Martin Nighthawk- Ben Warwick
  • Brendan Howley Plays Duty Solicitor
(L-R) ASHLEY (James Buckley), MARTIN (Neil Morrissey) in Finders Keepers
(L-R) ASHLEY (James Buckley), MARTIN (Neil Morrissey) have been surprised by the Games Keeper and are unsure if the Games Keeper has spotted the Saxon treasure in the back of the car.

Finders Keepers episodes

The new series airs Wednesday nights on Channel 5 at 9PM and has four episodes. Find out more about each episode below…

Episode 1

Martin Stone, a local history enthusiast and owner of an engineering firm, struggles with financial pressures due to his son Josh’s disability and daughter Laura’s upcoming wedding. When Martin and his son-in-law-to-be, Ashley, discover Saxon treasure while metal detecting, they face a moral dilemma: report the find or sell it secretly with the help of Ashley’s ex-con friend, Rocky. Martin, a law-abiding citizen, is tempted by the treasure’s potential to solve his financial woes, especially when his business partner disappears with company funds.

Episode 2

After an unsuccessful attempt to sell the treasure to a private dealer, Martin decides to legally declare their find. However, Ashley panics, fearing Rocky’s reaction. Despite ridicule from the Finds Liaison Officer, Sam Barnes, Martin contemplates selling the treasure again. Ashley’s financial troubles and a threatening encounter with Rocky push Martin to sell part of the hoard discreetly. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Doyle begins investigating, and Laura discovers her wedding fund has been emptied, leading to a tense confrontation with Ashley.

Episode 3

Following Laura’s mysterious abduction and release, Martin and Ashley suspect Rocky. As Detective Sergeant Doyle’s inquiries intensify, Martin spins more lies to cover up their dealings. Feeling overwhelmed, Martin sees hope in antique collector Denys Elland, who offers to buy the entire hoard. But when Denys reveals his true intentions, Martin takes drastic action, leading to tragic consequences.


Episode 4

Traumatised by his deadly encounter with Denys, Martin confesses everything to Anne. To protect their family, Anne devises a plan implicating Rocky in a robbery and murder. After staging a robbery at Denys’ house, they successfully frame Rocky. With Detective Sergeant Doyle off the case, the Stones begin to relax. However, Ashley’s desperation to reclaim the hoard and Laura’s cancelled wedding threaten to unravel Martin’s efforts to bury their secret for good.

The series was previously announced in 2023 under the name The Hoard.

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