Meet My Mum, Your Dad new cast Tolullah & Georgia and Martin & Luke

Two brand new single parents join the My Mum, Your Dad mansion tonight – meet the newbies here!

Hosted by Davina McCall, the new ITV1 dating show follows single parents as they’re set up on dates by their children, who are secretly watching on.

This evening’s latest episode Tolullah and her daughter Georgia-Blu and Martin M and his son Luke, arrive to join the show.

Here’s all about the new arrivals and what they’re looking for in a partner…

Tolullah and daughter Georgia-Blu

Tolullah and daughter Georgia
My Mum, Your Dad: SR1 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Tolullah and daughter Georgia. ©ITV

50-year-old Design consultant / Journalist Tolullah from London has been put froward by daughter Georgia.

“I’m a vivacious and warm person. I’m also fiercely loyal and passionate about the people I love,” says Tolullah ahead of joining the show.

He continues: “I’m one of those people, even at the end of a relationship, I’m never sad. I find it really exciting not knowing what’s around the corner.

“I’m a natural optimist who will always think that something great is happening, because in life good things have always been around the corner for me.”

28-year-old daughter Georgia-Blu says of putting forward her mum for the show: “I think my mum is such a good catch. Growing up, I’ve never really seen her in a really long settled relationship and that’s something I’ve always wanted for her.

“I nominated her so she would get a chance to meet someone who she can settle down with, she really deserves it.”

Martin M and son Luke

Luke and dad Martin
My Mum, Your Dad: SR1 on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Luke and dad Martin. ©ITV

53-year-old property developer Martin M lives in Ibiza.

Towering at 6ft 7, Martin M says: “I’m business-minded, I try and lead a good life, but also with responsibility. I take my fatherly duties very seriously.”

He adds: “I’ve always struggled meeting people who are on my wavelength. So, I thought, if they’re going to line up several single ladies, I’m in. What’s not to like?”

18-year-old son Luke, who works as a bartender in Ibiza describes his dad as “Loving, caring and busy”

Luke adds: “He loves the attention, loves to go out and do stuff. He loves Ibiza! He loves meeting new people. He’s always interested in you and if there’s a connection there, always has lots of questions. He loves to explore and go on holiday. He gets very emotionally attached.”

My Mum, Your Dad continues Thursday at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX

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