Matt Hancock interrogated in his pants by Liz Truss lookalike on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins


Matt Hancock is interrogated in his pants by a Liz Truss lookalike on tonight’s Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The Channel 4 series continues this Sunday evening with only six celebrity contestants remain as the competition approaches its climax.

Matt Hancock, Gareth Gates, Danielle Lloyd, Teddy Soares, Amber Turner and Perri Shakes-Drayton are up against two critical challenges before facing a rigorous questioning session by experts during the resistance-to-interrogation segment of the course.

Matt Hancock interrogated

Before navigating through the dense jungle, the recruits clash in Pontoon Wrestling. This intense hand-to-hand combat challenge demands sheer aggression, as they strive to topple their opponent off a platform set amidst a lake.

In the episode, Matt Hancock is processed during the interrogation phase of the course.

He’s asked to strip down to his pants by a Liz Truss lookalike interrogator who tells him: “Stand up. You’re a f**king man, aren’t you, you’re a man that likes to put it about a bit, stay on your feet.

“I’ll tell you something that’s really fascinating me. Really fascinating me, ‘cause with all due respect, you’re not a good looking guy, are you? Pubes on your chest, moobs. So how do you do it? Matty babe. Huh?”

When he doesn’t respond, she continues: “Oh, you’re not talking now? Now you don’t wanna talk about it, do you?”

Matt responds: “You haven’t asked me a question.”

Unhappy with his response, the interrogator continues” “Oh, you sarcastic little f**ker… Mr f**king know-it-all, Mr f**king wants to talk and talk and talk and talk about what he wants to talk about, doesn’t want to talk about this. That is b*****ls.”

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins continues on Sunday 29 October – stream or watch live on Channel 4.

The series will conclude with its seventh and final episode next Sunday night. Past episodes are available now on Channel 4 Streaming.