MasterChef: The Professionals edits out one contestant in latest episode

What happened on last night's MasterChef? (November 24)

The latest episode of MasterChef: The Professionals (Tuesday 24 November) caused a mystery after editing out one contestant.

In the first of this week’s heats the show began with a notice to viewers.

“This programme has been edited and features 3 of the original 4 contestants who took part,” it said

A spokesperson for the show told the Daily Mail of the episode: “Due to unforeseen circumstances concerning one of our contestants, the programme tonight was edited to remove their appearance.”

The mystery prompted a frenzy of speculation on social media as fans of the show tried to work out what had happened to the unnamed chef.

One wrote: “I don’t even watch MasterChef: The Professionals but this happened last night and I need to know the backstory which seems to be shrouded in secrecy.”

Another posted to Twitter: “Someone’s been edited out of MasterChef and I need to know what happened.”

Athird asked: “Anybody know why tonight’s MasterChef has been edited to show only three contestants???”

And a fourth joked: “Turned out the contestant was made of cake.”

While there were plenty of theories it seems as though what happened in last night’s MasterChef will remain unknown for now.

In the episode, two of the three chefs that made the edit faced a skills test set by judge Monica Galetti. They had ot fillet a trout, smoke it and serve it with a celeriac remoulade.

Meanwhile, Marcus Wareing challenged the other chef to prepare a classic crepe suzette.

Two chefs still went through to the week’s quarter final after all three presented their two-course signature dishes to judges Marcus Wareing, Monica Galetti, and Gregg Wallace.

The new series is currently airing three episodes a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 9PM on BBC One.

You can watch episodes and catch up online via the BBC iPlayer here.

Picture: BBC