Marnie Simpson’s boyfriend Casey Johnson joins Geordie Shore

Marnie Simpson’s boyfriend Casey Johnson joins her on Geordie Shore.


But it all ends in tears.

In this evening’s episode, Casey is left fuming after learning Marnie Simpson’s birthday bracelet was brought for her by ex boyfriend Aaron Chalmers.

“I hope you haven’t done anything with Aaron,” Casey says. “You don’t know how hard it is for me.”

She insists: “Me and Aaron are best friends – nothing more.”

Marnie tells viewers: “Casey just isn’t getting it tonight. It’s so strange because I’ve had this conversation so many times.”

Manrie and Casey got together while filming on MTV’s Single AF last year.


Despite the fiery clash, Marnie wants Casey, who appeared on The X Factor in 2014, to join her on another MTV reality series full time.

“He came in for an appearance in the new series, but it was a bit awkward – all our mams were there,” she explained. “It was a bit of a cray-cray night!

“I invited all the mams round for a night out, it was hilarious. I’m hoping if I go back into the next series he’ll make a longer appearance.”

Marnie says that she and Casey are getting on “really really well” and there’s even been talk of a proposal.

“Me and Casey are really happy. He’s really easygoing and she’s so gorgeous – so handsome! He’s really caring and loving and he’s got a lovely heart,” Marnie gushed.

The pair recently moved in together and Marnie says: “If Casey proposed, I’d definitely say yes! He’s adorable.


“I don’t really mind how he does it – we could be watching a movie and he could do it. As long as it’s him, I don’t care.”

Geordie Shore airs Tuesday nights at 10PM on MTV.