Lucy Watson teases a potential return to Made In Chelsea

Lucy Watson has teased a potential return to Made In Chelsea.


Lucy left the cast two years go now, and while she says a comeback is “unlikely” she isn’t ruling it out.

The reality star has since turned her attention to modelling and fitness, as well as the opening of a new restaurant.

But she told OK! Magazine the ‘door to Chelsea’ remained opened.

“I’m all about looking forward and not going back, but some doors do remain open, yes,” she said. “The show opened up so much for me, which I’m grateful for.”

In another interview with the Daily Mail, Lucy said: “Of course I miss it. I enjoyed it and I loved being a part of it.

“I realised that the time was perhaps right to move on, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy every second of it. I’ve just moved on with my life now.”


She said of returning: “I would never say never, of course. But, right now, it’s highly unlikely.”

And while Lucy still watches the show occasionally, she added: “I don’t watch it as much now that [her sister] Tiffany isn’t on it. Plus it’s a completely different age group now.”

Lucy’s sister Tiffany ‘Tiff’ Watson left the show ahead of this year’s latest series.


A spokesperson for Tiff told the Daily Mail newspaper at the time: “Tiff has taken a break for now to concentrate on a number of exciting projects including TV as well as the opening of her vegan restaurant with her sister and her lifestyle/stationary business 365 which she launched a few months ago.

“She also has a number of trips coming up for work and leisure as well as her best friend’s wedding where she is her maid of honour so its a busy few months and seemed the right time to step back and work on all the exciting things she has coming up and give them her all.”

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