Lucy Fallon opens up about motherhood and Corrie comeback

Lucy Fallon has spoken about her return to Coronation Street after a four-year hiatus.


The soap star appeared on the morning show Lorraine today, speaking with Louise Minchin, who’s standing in for Lorraine Kelly.

Lucy, who recently became a mum, spoke about making a comeback to Corrie in her role of Bethany Platt.

Talking about her one-year-old son, Sonny, with footballer Ryan Kay, Lucy shared: “He’s just gorgeous. He’s nearly one now, I can’t believe it. It’s so nice, we have a lovely set up, me, Ryan and Sonny. We’re a good little team.”

Reflecting on the balance between motherhood and work, Lucy expressed: “It’s been really nice but it’s a huge juggle, trying to figure out where he’s going to be when I have work at 7am and Ryan’s got to go to football. So it is a juggle, but it’s kind of nice because I’ve got a little bit of my old self back which I think sometimes you can lose when you have a baby.”

Lucy also spoke enthusiastically about her return to Coronation Street, labelling it “the best decision I’ve ever made, going back. It’s just the best place to work and some of my best friends work on that show, so I’m just so happy.”

Asked if returning to work was nerve-wracking, Lucy admitted: “It was, it was like the first day back at school. I’d had nearly four years away from the show and then going back, I was like, ‘Am I going to know my lines?’ Are people going to remember who I am when I walk into the building? Will people be like, ‘Who is this girl?’ I was super nervous, but after a few days it was like I’d never been away.”

Discussing Christmas, Lucy said she’s “excited” for Sonny’s first one and revealed she’s spending it with her family. She added she isn’t doing the cooking on the day but she’s “in charge of roast potatoes”. “That is commitment. Potatoes are the best bit,” she commented.


On her friend and former colleague Ellie Leach winning Strictly Come Dancing last weekend, Lucy expressed: “We shared a dressing room together. I’m so proud of her, she did amazing. We all knew exactly what Ellie was like and how lovely and amazing she is, so it’s great everyone got to see that,” and added, “The show has encouraged her to really come out of her shell and that’s exactly what she’s done. That’s the Ellie we all know and love, so it’s so nice everyone got to see that as well.”

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