Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka may have feelings for Hugo Hammond


Sharon Gaffka reveals possible feelings for Hugo Hammond on Love Island 2021 tonight.

In past night’s recoupling, Hugo chose Sharon to couple up with on friendship terms.

Tonight, Sharon speaks to Kaz about the pairing.

Sharon reveals to Kaz that she could possibly be attracted to Hugo. Sharon says: “Sharing a bed this time around is very different.

“I do think he is fit but is it that I just think he’s fit and nothing else?”

Is Sharon having a change of heart? Sharon tells Kaz she could possibly be attracted to Hugo.
Is Sharon having a change of heart? Sharon tells Kaz she could possibly be attracted to Hugo.

Kaz replies: “It’s not that you just think he’s fit because you guys actually get along. You like him as a person.”

Sharon continues: “I think I did rule it out in the beginning but I think seeing qualities that were missing in Aaron and seeing them in Hugo has made me really think things through.

“He’s a really good communicator and we talk about everything and anything.”

Kaz sets out on a mission to find out if Hugo is having similar thoughts.

Speaking with Hugo, Kaz asks: “Do you have this with Shaz, right? You get along as friends and you don’t know if it’s just pure friendship or more, or not really? You guys were coupled up on the first day?”

Is Hugo interested in getting to know Sharon on a deeper level, or is she in the friend zone?

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, Brad McClelland and Lucinda Strafford head out on their first date.

Lucinda receives a text which reads: “Brad and Lucinda, It’s time for your first date. Please get ready to leave the Villa. #laboureroflove #timetopopyourcork”

Their fellow Islanders help them get them ready and the pair head out on their date and arrive at a beautiful picturesque location.

Brad says: “I’ve been in there two weeks and been sharing a room with everyone, and I was just lying there thinking, ‘I’m here with everyone but I’m in here with no-one’ and then you came in and straight away…”

Complimenting Brad, Lucinda says: “I do think your eyes are your best feature.”

Brad replies: “That’s why I’m wearing blue, it brings out my eyes!”

Brad and Lucinda go on a date
Brad and Lucinda go on a date

Lucinda is keen to know if Brad has eyes for anyone else. Brad says: “Are you asking if my head would be turned? At the minute, the level of attraction is ridiculous and so far the more I’m getting to know you, everything is taking off for me.”

Is Brad putting all his eggs in Lucinda’s basket?

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