Love Island’s Malin Andersson on Body Fixers for help with her oversized pout


Love Island’s Malin Andersson pops up on E4’s Body Fixers tonight.

It’s the final week in the pop-up clinic and Dr Esho assists ex-Love Islander Malin with her oversized pout.

The doc is shocked to learn that Malin was at one point getting lip fillers THREE times a month.

She says on the show tonight: “I need Dr Esho’s help with these bad boys. I’ve had way too much lip filler in my lips. when I smile they just hang.

“I can feel it here spilling out. They’re all lumpy bumpy and awful, and they’ve just gone around my mouth out of my lips into my face. When I’m pouting in selfies it looks like a moustache.”

A stunned Dr Esho questions Malin on her apparent addition.

She admits: “Yeah I was addicted but then after a few weeks they go down and you’re like ‘oh nothing’s happened’ so you go back again.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, dentist Dr Nina helps barista Matteo with a gap in his teeth.

Alex and Daniel join forces to rescue Rachel’s femininity and Kelly’s scar from open heart surgery needs some TLC. And politician Josh requires some structure with his unruly mane.

Body Fixers airs at 10PM tonight on E4.