Love Island’s Lucie, Maura and Anna get flirty with the new guys

Tonight's Love Island spoilers

Love Island’s girls Lucie Donlan, Maura Higgins and Anna Vakili get to know the new guys more tonight.


While Curtis, Jordan, Michael, Anton, Tommy and Danny are staying in the Villa with new girls, the girls – Amy, Anna, Amber, Maura, Lucie and Molly-Mae – are continuing their stay in Casa Amor with the new boys.

In tonight’s show, Lucie finds herself in yet another love triangle as she has both Stevie and George vying for her affections.

Earlier, Stevie went in for a kiss with Lucie as they enjoyed an intimate chat on the terrace, even though the surfer had been sharing a bed with George whilst in Casa Amor.

Confiding in the Beach Hut, Lucie admits: “Stevie is very confident which I like and he just went in for a kiss. I’m literally in the middle 50/50 between George and Stevie. Yet again I’m in the middle, it’s a hard decision right now.”

Meanwhile, single girl Maura is enjoying getting to know the new boys in Casa Amor. Having spent some time with Dennon, Maura moves on to getting to know Marvin.

She admits she has considered whether her mother might approve of Marvin. Smiling, she tells him: “I was thinking, I wonder what my mammy would say to me now who would she choose? Would it be Dennon or Marvin? I was thinking I just know who she would [pick for me.]”


Alluding that it would in fact be Marvin, she continues: “I know her inside out, she’s very like me.”

Marvin is pleased that he may have the seal of approval from Maura’s mum. He tells her: “I want to send a message back to mammy!”

Maura tells him that it’s important to her that a potential suitor would be close to their parents. She says: “You’re obviously very close to your mother, that’s a big thing for me.”

Marvin is clearly wooing Maura but does Maura only have eyes for him, or could Dennon still be a rival for her affection?

Anna and Ovie have also been getting closer.

Anna tells him: “I actually really like everything about you. Obviously you are handsome, you’re tall, you’re hardworking, you’re mature, you’re caring, there are so many things about you.”

Ovie tells her: “I appreciate that because you keep a good poker face.”


Anna tells him: “The thing about you that I like is that if we were to start something at least there is some kind of potential there with you. I do like Jordan but with Jordan I don’t feel like it would grow into something.”

Basketball player Ovie tells Anna: “I’m not here to compete against Jordan, Jordan is there [in the Villa] right now and we are here… If I feel like I’m the best for you, which I do, and we get along the best, I’m going to go for you.

“I’m not here to shoot my shot in ten different baskets and see which one I make. I want to shoot in one basket, there is pressure there, I’m either going to make it or I’m not going to make it. I’m willing to live with that.”


Anna clearly likes what she hears as the pair enjoy a kiss – sparks are flying between Anna and Ovie. Has her head turned from Jordan?

Love Island 2019 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.