Love Island’s Liberty Poole speaks out after her exit and explains why she left

Liberty Poole has spoken out after she quit Love Island 2021 alongside Jake Cornish.


Liberty and Jake left the villa in Friday night’s episode following an emotional split between the pair.

“We’ve both come to the conclusion its best for us to go our separate ways and we’re going to leave the villa together,” Liberty said. “We don’t want to be here and take up a place when you guys are all strong couples.

“It’s meant to be a happy time and we don’t want to drain the life out of your guys relationships so we’re going to pack and go.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper today following her exit, Liberty said staying for the final would’ve felt wrong.

“I wasn’t happy and I’m pretty sure Jake wasn’t happy either. It was the right decision for the both of us to make the strong move to end it and walk out,” she said. “I didn’t say anything to producers before I said it on the show, I felt I was just in that moment.

“I had my final date with Jake and then we sat around the fire pit and we told the other islanders what was going to happen. Then I packed my suitcases and left.”


Liberty says she and Jake didn’t leave on “bad terms” and described him as a “genuine guy”.

Responding to criticism from some viewers about his actions, Liberty continued: I would hate to say he was emotionally abusive. It was in the heat of the moment and the energy was off.

“I feel like you know it’s natural for a girl to want to impress a guy that she likes. So if he says he likes this, you try to impress them. But I just thought, ‘I’m not gonna, I don’t want to feel like I’m not good enough for someone’. I wanted someone who likes me just the way I am.”

In Friday’s show, Liberty and Jake discussed their faltering relationship.

“I don’t know what happened along the way but the spark just faded,” Liberty said.

Jake added: “On my behalf I felt the affection died out. That’s a big thing for me and that’s nothing against you as a person.”


Liberty continued: “I’m not going to lie – I did fall in love with you. And at one point I thought I had found the one but once the honeymoon passes you start seeing the cracks.”

Love Island 2021 continues nightly on ITV2 with the final on Monday night.