Love Island’s Danny eyes up new girl Arabella as Yewande watches on

Danny Williams enjoys the company of Love Island’s new girl Arabella Chi tonight.

And it’s bad news for Yewande Biala, who he is currently coupled up with.

In this evening’s Love Island, the villa welcomes new Islander Arabella who receives a text: “Arabella. Today you will be going on two dates. Please now choose your first date and ask him out. #girlpower #doubletrouble #playthefield”

She first picks Danny, who tells her: “You strike me as a confident girl.”

Arabella arrives in the villa.
Arabella arrives in the villa.
Danny and Arabella go on a date
Danny and Arabella go on a date

He adds: “I feel like me and you are quite similar.”

Conversation soon shifts to Danny’s coupling with Yewande. Danny says: “I feel like I’m putting a lot of the effort in and I’m not getting anything back and I’m starting to question whether we’re compatible. When you said you wanted to take me on a date, I was really excited.”


Back in the villa, Yewande is trying to play it cool.

Speaking with Amber, Anna and Amy on the bean bags, she says “If he goes on this date and he gets on with her then that’s absolutely fine. I’ve emotionally prepared myself for that to happen because in my head I already knew it was going to happen. I have zero trust in men!”

While Danny is on his date, Yewande seeks advice from Michael on the day beds. Michael advises: “It’s been twelve days and he’s just been grafting really hard.”

Michael adds: “He’s been putting a lot of effort in and he feels like he is getting nothing back. He feels like he is taking one step forward and two steps back.”

As Danny arrives back from his date, he immediately has a debrief with the boys about his date – leaving Yewande disappointed that Danny hasn’t approached her first.

Michael and Yewande.
Michael and Yewande.

In the Beach Hut, she complains: “It’s just rude. If I went on a date and came back, I would say something. Obviously, he didn’t feel like that was very important.”

Speaking with the boys, Danny explains: “I need to figure out if me and Yewande are that compatible. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a really good date [with Arabella].”


However, Danny is keen to reaffirm that him and Yewande were having problems prior to Arabella’s arrival.

He says to the boys “Even if she [Arabella] didn’t come in, me and Yewande still needed to talk.”

At the same time, the other Islanders feel that Yewande needs to step up her game and make more of an effort with Danny if she does really like him.

Amber declares: “That girl [Arabella] is going to take your man if you don’t buck your ideas up!”

However in a further twist, it appears another girl may have feelings for Danny.

Speaking with Molly-Mae and Lucie on the terrace, Maura says “It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Yewande and Danny.

“He is a really nice guy. I have such a laugh with Danny. He has got good craic.”

Molly-Mae and Lucie catch on that Maura could be catching feelings for Danny.

Maura then says: “When I went on a date with him, I felt nothing. But he just wants a bit of affection. He’s getting nothing. We may as well crack on.”


Maura later reflects in the Beach Hut, she says “Danny has definitely grown on me. It’s probably a surprise to everyone.

“It’s not really a surprise to me because that is how I connect with someone, when I get know them.”

Meanwhile, Arabella picks Anton for her second date.

Anton and Arabella go on a date.
Anton and Arabella go on a date.

Unlucky-in-love Anton is ecstatic that Arabella has chosen him: “It’s my time! I’m ready to go again.”

Anton heads out of the villa and arrives at his date with Arabella.


Arabella tells him: “I’m going to be honest, you’re a lot better looking in real life. You’ve got a great tan.”

Anton replies: “It’s nice to go on a date with such a beautiful girl.”

Arabella and Anton talk about their childhood. Anton says: “When I was at school, believe it or not, I was slightly overweight. I wouldn’t take my top off when I went swimming. Now, you can’t get me to keep my top on!”

Arabella is keen to hear about Anton’s grooming regime and how his Mum is always on hand to keep his bum clean shaven.

Anton asks whether Arabella would like to take over this role from his Mum prompting her to react: “Definitely not!”

The date draws to a close and Arabella and Anton head back to the villa. But which of the boys has impressed the new girl?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.