Love Island’s Curtis reveals true feelings for Amy as new girls join villa

Curtis Pritchard opens up about his real feelings for Amy Hart on Love Island 2019 tonight.

It comes as six new girls join the boys in the main villa, while six new guys spend the week with the original girls in Casa Amor.

Having stood firm as the longest standing couple in the villa, it seems as though Casa Amor proving to be the first major test in Curtis and Amy’s relationship.

As the new girls enter, Curtis initially remains loyal to Amy as he speaks to the Beach Hut: “My mind is still set on Amy really. Amy is in my head. Nothing has turned my head at all yet.”

Later pushed by Tommy though on whether his head could be turned at some point, Curtis responds: “I have an amazing thing with Amy. Something really good and I really enjoy and I really like everything about it. I like waking up next to Amy.

“Amy’s smart, she’s clever, she’s fantastic, she’s awesome. It would have to take a lot.”

Over at Casa Amor, Amy is determined to remain faithful to Curtis, and insists she won’t be sharing a bed with any of the new boys.

She declares: “I am in an exclusive relationship with a boy I see a future with. So I don’t want to share a bed with anyone else.”

However, back at the main villa as the day progresses, Curtis’ mind begins to wonder.

Confiding in good friend Tommy, Curtis admits: “I’m a bit all over the place. There is nothing wrong with me and Amy in any way. Our relationship is great, everything is incredible, it’s fantastic.

“I like her, I like spending time with her, I can see it working in the long run on the outside, I really can. But I don’t know why, I’m really confused.

“These girls have come in and there’s two of them. Jourdan and Joanna. I don’t know mate, I feel a little bit weird.

“Maybe this is just going to be a massive test. Why am I even thinking about this situation?”

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.