Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow spills on wedding plans with Jamie Jewitt

Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow has spilled all on wedding plans with Jamie Jewitt.


Runners up on the show over three years ago now, the pair are still going strong.

They recently welcomed daughter Nell and Camilla appeared on ITV’s Lorraine to talk all about life in lockdown.

She told host Lorraine about having a baby amid the pandemic: “They say it’s a ‘newborn bubble’ anyway don’t they, but we’ve been in a proper lockdown newborn baby bubble, but it’s been amazing. We feel so, so lucky, we’re just having a great time with her [Nell]. She’ll be 5 months in 9 days… not that I’m counting.”

Speaking of how partner Jamie proposed, she said: “Jamie had got her [Nell] a babygrow that said, ‘Mummy will you marry Daddy?’

“But I nearly ruined the whole thing because I went to change her before dinner and he said, ‘No, no don’t worry I’ll do that’. So I would have found out a little too early, but he managed to save it.”

Of making wedding plans, Camilla said: “Very exciting. We kind of have started planning already, but obviously just bearing in mind when things will change [in terms of lockdown]. We’ve definitely got some ideas.”


She added of meeting Jamie on Love Island: “One of the most amazing and unexpected things. A really good reminder that it’s impossible to predict what an experience will bring to your life. So long as you throw yourself into it and give things a go, you’ll be surprised.”

Camilla went on to discuss her book, Not The Type, saying of being in a car accident as a teenager: “It definitely gave me a different perspective on things.

“I had up until that point very much been following the path I thought I was meant to follow, and that kind of gave – it liberated me in some ways – as I started to understand you can try and do everything right, but it doesn’t mean things are going to turn out the way you expect.

“It opened my eyes a bit and that gave me a chance to make some of the decisions I really wanted to make as opposed to the ones I thought I should make.”

On working for the HALO Trust and whether it felt like a ‘man’s world’ she continued: “When I joined, this was quite a long time ago now, when I was 23, it was predominantly male dominated. That has definitely shifted over the years since when I joined. Obviously it’s historical roots are within the military, so it was male dominated at that time. Things have certainly changed now and it’s been great to see.


“I’ve worked alongside some amazing women in other parts of the world. It’s really important to the communities, to local girls to see that they have that opportunity in their future.”

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