Love Island viewers hit out at girls’ treatment of Dr. Alex George

Love Island viewers have hit out at the girls’ treatment of Dr. Alex George.


The 27-year-old A&E Doctor from Carmarthen, West Wales is one of six guys currently in the villa.

Alex hasn’t had the best start to the series, snubbed by the girls in Monday’s first coupling.

He ended up paired with Samira Mighty who was the last remaining single girl, but she seemed far from interested in him.

In last night’s episode, Alex found himself feeling left out following a first task.

Fans of the show have rallied around the doctor – tans taken aim at the way he has been treated.

“I really don’t like how Alex is being treated by some of the girls, their actions have made him feel so insecure about himself and it’s only been a couple of days. If this was the other way round, the guys wouldn’t hear the end of it. Men have feelings too. #LoveIsland,” one viewer posted to Twitter.


Another wrote online: “Fair enough if you don’t fancy someone then that can’t be helped, but then avoiding that person, not speaking to them & leaving them out & just making it awkward is a bitchy thing to do, Samira you’re not above Alex, get off your high horse #loveisland⁠”

And a third questioned: “Why the f**k is everyone so mean to Alex, he’s the only one in there with half a brain honestly they don’t deserve him #loveisland”

The good news for Alex is that two new girls have been revealed for the villa.


Georgia Steel, a 20-year-old Student from York, and Rosie Williams, a 26-year-old Solicitor from Glamorgan, South Wales, will join the show tonight.

Love Island 2018 airs at 9PM nightly on ITV2.