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Love Island USA spoilers: Two new girls make a dramatic entrance

Two new girls make a dramatic entrance in tonight’s episode of Love Island USA.


Johnny has just decided to recouple with Cely but it appears she isn’t the only Islander in for a shock this evening.

Two new islanders arrive tonight: Kierstan Saulter, a 23-year-old from Austin, Texas; and Rachel Lundell, a 21-year-old from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In this evening’s episode, Jeremiah receives a text which reads: “Islanders. You have company. Jeremiah you are going on a date. Please join new girl Rachel upstairs in the secret jacuzzi. #WaterWerks #UndressToImpress.”

Shortly after, Carrington also receives a text, which reads: “Carrington. Get your swim trunks on! You’re going on a date with Kierstan in the secret jacuzzi. #WetNWild #Cozy.”

The boys head to the secret jacuzzi and are greeted by new girls Rachel and Kierstan along with a glass of champagne and strawberries.

Jeremiah and Carrington waste no time in getting to know the new girls. Kierstan asks Carrington: “You’re coupled up with someone. Tell me about that.”


Carrington says: “We had a good day yesterday but again it was the first day. I don’t love the girl, we’re just coupled up. You’re a blessing from the skies. I’m feeling you.”

Meanwhile, Jeremiah says to Rachel “So, what made you pick me?”

Rachel replies: “Honestly, you definitely looked the tallest but also you’re the most attractive.”

Soon it’s time for the new girls to meet the rest of the Islanders as they head back to the villa. Gathered at the fire pit, Mackenzie is keen to find out what other boys Rachel and Kierstan are interested in and mark her territory with Connor.

Mackenzie admits “Full disclosure. We’re very coupled up.”

But as Rachel and Kierstan get to know the rest of the Islanders, who have they got their eyes on?


Love Island USA continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

Picture: CBS