Love Island USA spoilers: New guys cause a stir and is it over for one couple?


Love Island USA continues on ITV2 tonight with the new two guys continuing to stir things up.

In the last episode we said goodbye to Kaitlynn Anderson who became the first girl to leave Love Island USA.

But shortly after her exit, two new boys made their entrance as Caleb Corprew and Calvin Cobb.

They chose two girls to go on dates with, picking Kierstan and Moira.

Tonight they’re sent texts inviting them out on two further dates. Caleb chose Rachel, who has recently coupled up with Jeremiah whilst Calvin chose Kierstan much to the annoyance of current beau Carrington.

During the date, Rachel admits that whilst she is happy with Jeremiah she would be open to getting to know Caleb.

Caleb says: “I want to get a feeling for you, I’ve seen that you’ve been able to connect with guy for a few days, I’m not trying to be disrespectful to that… I’m a super upfront person, you’re going to know exactly where I stand.”

Meanwhile, Kierstan also admits that she too would be open to more conversations with Calvin, telling the singleton, “When I’m tanning come call me of course. Let’s go swimming together.”

Back in the villa, Moira returns from her date with Calvin.

She goes to tell Mackenzie, “Calvin is 5’11, freckles, the greatest smile ever, 25 years old and he was just like so sassy, so flirty so like honestly everything like James was then I first met him, but I’m always trying to look to get to know the James that is like calm, chilled.

“So, I tell Calvin, my head isn’t turning, I’m in a relationship with James but I did by the end of the conversation I was like so smitten I was like I would be very interested in getting to know you if you pulled me aside for more talks.”

Mackenzie replies: “I’m going to be real with you, keep it one hundred, as much as I love James and I love you, it’s not perfect in every way and who knows, maybe we’ll all get to know this guy, maybe it’ll be different.”

The end for Moira and James?

Later, James and Moira head for a chat to discuss the night’s events which saw Moira on a date with new boy Calvin.

When asked about the date Moira confesses, “It was good we didn’t have too much time to get to know each other.”

James asks: “Did you feel anything?”

Moira admits: “I mean yeah I’ve got to be real with you, that’s why I’d like to have a chat, he was my type. You know I told him everything, I’m in here with you, for you I was upfront and honest about that but that being said like I didn’t want to blindside you when he comes in, he is my type.”

Moira goes on to add, “If he pulls me for a chat I won’t say no to that.”

James responds: “Are you going to stop being ‘lovey dovey’ around me because he’s here. Are you going to go slower with me because he’s next to you? I can tell on your face you’re feeling him a little bit.”

Later in the Beach Hut, Moira confesses, “I still haven’t decided how I feel about James but he’s not helping his case by coming on too strong. I keep telling him I need my space but the message just does not get through.”

Could this be the end of the road for Moira and James?

Love Island USA airs in the UK on ITV2 nightly at 9PM.

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