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Love Island USA results: One couple is dumped as finalists are revealed

One couple has been dumped from Love Island USA in the latest results, as the finalists are revealed.


The summer of love in Las Vegas is coming to an end for the 2020 Islanders, but not before one final twist.

In the latest episode, the Islanders were gathered at the Fire Pit reflecting on the day’s events when host Arielle made a grand entrance. She told them, “Sorry to interrupt your night, but we need to have a little chat.”

Once all the Islanders are seated she said, “There are five couples here, but only four can make it into the final, which means one couple will be leaving the villa immediately. This time the decision won’t be made by America. The decision will be made by you.”

With their partner the Islanders had to vote for the couple that they think is the least compatible. The couple that received the most votes left the villa tonight.

Caleb and Justine voted to dump Lakeyn & Bennett

Cely and Johnny voted to dump Laurel & Carrington.


Calvin and Moira voted to dump Lakeyn & Bennett.

Carrington and Laurel voted to dump Lakeyn & Bennett.

Lakeyn and Bennett voted to dump Laurel & Carrington

With three votes to be dumped, Lakeyn and Bennett were eliminated leaving the remaining four couples as finalists.

Elsewhere tonight, the Islanders are awoken by the sound of crying babies.

In today’s challenge, relationships will be pushed to the limit as each couple is given a new born “baby” to look after. They must feed, burp, comfort and change their babies’ nappies in order to successfully pass the challenge and win a party for the villa.

Moira and Calvin, who spent the night sleeping in the garden, go to the Beach Hut. Calvin says, “One trip to the day beds and the next day you have a baby. Things move really quick in here.”


Justine and Caleb have twins that they name Kiki and Coco. Justine is impressed with the way Caleb is handling the babysitting challenge. She says to the girls, “There’s just something about seeing a man with a baby that does something to your loins.”

Johnny also steps up to the challenge and takes the lead whilst Cely admits in the Beach Hut, “Your girl is just not cut out for this.”

Laurel and Carrington are busy trying to determine whether babies are born with eyebrows, when suddenly Laurel receives a text. It reads, “Mommies get ready for some ‘you’ time while the boys stay home with the babies. #R&R #MomsDayOut.”

As the girls head to the spa for some pampering time, the boys are left holding the babies and decide to make an obstacle course in the garden. On the way around the course they must change their baby’s nappy, race them in the stroller, eat baby food and finally put their baby to bed. The first ‘Dad’ to complete the course and put their baby soundly to sleep wins.


Who will win the race and will all of the couples pass the parenting challenge?

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