Love Island update (29 January) as Liberty and Mitch split

Liberty and Mitch on tonight's Love Island
Liberty and Mitch

In a dramatic night at the Villa, Liberty and Mitch end their relationship, Mitch pursues Georgia H, and the Islanders face off in the ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ challenge, revealing tensions and new dynamics among them.

Tonight in the Villa, Liberty and Mitch reach a crossroads as they mutually decide to call it quits. The evening is filled with raw emotions and a sense of closure as both parties come to terms with their feelings.

Liberty opens up about her struggle in the relationship, saying, “Obviously, I did like you. This whole situation has hurt, I tried to set my boundaries and I feel like I wasn’t being heard. So, I think I’ve got to do the best thing now and focus on me as well.”

Mitch responds with empathy, indicating his support for Liberty’s future happiness. “I’ll be honest Lib, nothing would make me happier than a guy to walk through this door and pull you straight away because I’m never going to be jealous. All I want is for you to be happy,” he declares.


With this amicable split, Mitch now turns his attention towards Georgia H, sparking new interest in the Villa.

He approaches the situation with a clear intention to keep things uncomplicated, especially considering Liberty’s feelings.

Mitch is upfront with Georgia H, stating, “Georgia, I want to get to know you and Liberty deserves to know that.” Georgia H, intrigued yet cautious, reflects on the complexities of Villa relationships. She confides in Georgia S, expressing her concerns, “It’s not going well G…I just feel like me and you are the biggest bitches in the Villa.”

Georgia S advises Georgia H to put herself first, reassuring her that pursuing Mitch is acceptable. She also shares her own secretive encounter with Tom on the terrace, leaving Georgia H in disbelief, “How did you get away with that one? You’re a smooth criminal, you know that.”

Mitch and Georgia H
Mitch and Georgia H

The Villa wakes up to the excitement of the ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ challenge. The Islanders receive a text announcing the day’s event, stirring anticipation and nerves.

The challenge quickly escalates as Islanders choose whom to snog, marry, and pie. Despite his recent split, Mitch pies Liberty, explaining, “I’ve pied this girl because over the last week I’ve had nothing but stress.” Anton, meanwhile, takes the opportunity to snog Georgia H, only to comically fall into the pool, causing uproarious laughter among the Islanders.

Georgia S faces a tough choice but decides to marry Tom, “I’m gonna marry Tom because I think he’s lovely, his morals are really in order and I think you’d make a lovely husband.” The comment catches Josh’s attention, who notes, “I like how you said you were gonna not wanna marry this man…”

Liberty gets pied
Liberty gets pied

Molly makes a bold statement by pieing her ex-boyfriend Callum, “I chose to pie this boy because it’s been brewing for a while, it’s very deserved and you’re right, we are exes for a reason.”

Mitch becomes a popular choice in the pieing department, chosen multiple times by the girls, which leads to Josh questioning the group’s motives, “I don’t agree how you’ve all just gone for Mitch.”

The ‘Snog, Marry, Pie’ challenge brings out hidden feelings and sparks new conflicts, promising more drama in the days ahead.

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