Love Island tonight (16 February) – villa tensions and hideaway romance

Arabella talks to Molly on tonight's Love Island

Tensions flare in the Love Island All Stars villa tonight as Molly confronts Arabella over gossip, while Adam and Arabella’s romance blossoms in the hideaway.

In this evening’s episode, the villa is abuzz with tension and excitement following the girls’ emotional calls from home.

As they catch the boys up on their video calls, Molly notably omits any mention of the public rooting for her and her ex-Callum’s reunion when talking to Tom.

While sitting in front of Tom on the day beds, Georgia H and Arabella bring up the topic of Molly and Callum.

The Love Island

Georgia H reveals: “It was brought up in mine, it was brought up in Molly’s and the one with Jess and Demi…”

Tom reflects “Obviously something’s been seen then…it’s not nice to hear…it’s come from three different people….”

Molly, watching from a distance, observes Tom’s reaction and comments, “God, I know what they’re talking about…he looks fuming…”

Molly is not impressed with Arabella

Molly’s frustration escalates when she discovers Arabella has discussed the video calls and the public’s speculation about her and Callum with Tom.

Molly confronts Arabella, asking: “Why didn’t you speak to me first?”

Arabella defends her decision: “It’s only going to be a big deal if you both make it a big deal.”

Molly expresses her dissatisfaction, stating, “Yeah, but I would have spoken about it. I don’t appreciate someone speaking about it…I wish I would have been able to tell him.” Arabella responds, “Babe, you should have just told him then…”

The confrontation between the two best friends leaves their relationship strained.

Adam and Arabella
Adam and Arabella

Adam and Arabella head to the hideaway

In a momentary shift away from the Villa’s dramas, the Islanders receive a text about the hideaway retreat being open for the night. Molly seizes the opportunity to nominate Adam and Arabella as the lucky couple to enjoy a romantic escape.

Adam, stepping into his ‘Big Flex’ wrestling persona, and Arabella share an intimate and joyful moment in the hideaway.

Adam expresses his excitement, saying, “Big Flex has entered the hideaway…do you know what I’ve never made it to the hideaway before…and I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone else.”

Arabella opens up about her feelings, stating, “I’ve definitely got feelings towards you that I haven’t had towards anyone else in here and that excites me a lot.”

Love Island All Stars airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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