Love Island spoilers: Shaughna Phillips and Leanne Amaning react to losing their men

The entrance of twins Jess and Eve Gale has caused a stir on Love Island 2020.


In Monday’s show the blonde bombshells were told to pick two guys to couple up, stealing them from their original partners.

Jess selected Mike Boateng, previously coupled up with Leanne Amaning and Eve picked Callum Jones who was with Shaughna Phillips.

In tonight’s episode, before returning to the villa.

Jess admits: “I feel bad guys, I’m sorry. It just has to be done. But so annoying because we get along so well [Leanne], I don’t want to take Mike from [you]. I’m so sorry.”

She adds: “Do you want to speak? Maybe we should have a private chat if you want later. Is there anything you want to say? If you’ve got a problem, we’re here to hear it. I’d rather it was up in the open, rather than behind backs.”

Eve adds: “Definitely, I don’t want it to be awkward between us… If you want to have a private chat I’m up for going for a private chat if you want to later.”


Shaughna replies: “There’s not much to say.”

Meanwhile, Mike asks Leanne to chat privately and says: “I feel like I’ve just got to be open and honest about everything, otherwise there’s just no point. It was a good date. I don’t think anything’s changed in terms of me wanting to get to know you, but obviously I’m not going to close off anything with Jess because it is only the second day.

“I don’t think it would be fair for me to do that to her. How do you feel?”

Leanne responds: “I think that’s fair enough. Obviously it is not nice. I don’t know how you’re surprised. You said you’d been giving her compliments.”

Mike: “Yeah, I’ve been complimenting her from day one. I’ve never not said that.”

Leanne admits: “Yeah, fair enough.”

In the Beach Hut Leanne tells the camera: “We’re not married. He has every right to get to know her if he wants. I do feel like he’s gone about it respectfully. At least he’s told me and he actually pulled me for a chat and stuff.”


Elsewhere, with Callum not speaking to Shaughna, she says: “I’d rather find out he’s a wet wipe on day two, than day 17.”

Callum explains to Eve about avoiding Shaughna: “I’m so tired, I’ll probably end up saying the wrong thing.”

In the morning Mike speaks to Shaughna in the kitchen and says: “I know Callum likes you, 100%.”

Shaughna says: “I don’t know about that, babe. My issue isn’t the whole stealing at all, it’s how he’s handled it after.”

Mike replies: “I thought he would have spoken to you by now, but I think last night, both of our heads were scrambled, so I probably should have waited until this morning.”


Shaughna insists: “No, not at all, every single girl has said the opposite, 100%. Leanne feels a million times better that you spoke to her.

Love Island 2020 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.